91 Surprising Facts About Claudia Oshry

Find out “91 Surprising Facts About Claudia Oshry” When it comes to the realm of social media influencers and entertainment, Claudia Oshry emerges as a standout figure. With her charismatic personality and a distinctive sense of humor, Claudia has successfully endeared herself to millions of people worldwide.

From her cleverly crafted posts on Instagram to the engaging episodes of her hilarious podcast, Claudia has solidified her position as one of the most influential and cherished celebrities in the digital age.

91 Amazing Facts About Claudia Oshry
91 Amazing Facts About Claudia Oshry

In this article, we will venture into the captivating world of Claudia Oshry and uncover 91 intriguing and lesser-known facts about her. From her early life and the beginnings of her career to her ascent to fame and noteworthy achievements, get ready to be enthralled by the narrative of this exceptional celebrity.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Claudia Oshry!

Claudia Oshry Wiki And Bio

Fact Details
Full Name Claudia Oshry
Date of Birth July 10, 1994
Birthplace New York, United States
Age 29 years old (as of 2024)
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Profession Instagram star
Net Worth $500,000
Education New York University
Family Daughter of Michael Oshry and Pamela Geller
Spouse Married to Ben Soffer since September 17, 2017

Claudia Oshry, also known as GirlWithNoJob, is an American Instagram star, podcast host, and social media personality. She is known for her popular podcast “The Morning Toast,” which she co-hosts with her sister, Jackie Oshry.

91 Surprising Facts About Claudia Oshry

Claudia Oshry, widely known as “The Girl With No Job,” is a popular social media personality. Claudia Oshry gained fame through her comedic posts on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Claudia Oshry: Wiki, Networth, Age, Full Bio, Relationship And More

Early Life and Education:

  1. She was born on July 10, 1994, in New York City.
  2. Claudia Oshry was raised in a vibrant city, which eventually became the backdrop for her online content.
  3. Claudia Oshry has a degree in Strategic Communications from Syracuse University.
  4. Her educational background helped her develop the skills necessary for building a successful online presence.

Rise to Fame:

  1. She first rose to fame through her humorous Instagram account called “The Girl With No Job.”
  2. With her relatable and witty content, she quickly gained a massive following of fans.

Meme Mastery:

  1. Claudia Oshry is a master at creating viral memes.
  2. Her ability to understand and tap into internet trends has allowed her to consistently produce highly shareable content.

Brand Collaborations:

  1. She has collaborated with several well-known brands and has been sponsored by companies such as Calvin Klein and Maybelline.
  2. Her influential online presence makes her a sought-after partner for brand collaborations.

Social Media Presence:

  1. Claudia Oshry has an impressive following on Instagram, with over 3 million followers.
  2. Her loyal fanbase eagerly awaits her daily doses of humor and relatability on the platform.

Podcast Power:

  1. She also runs a popular podcast called “The Morning Toast” alongside her sister, Jackie Oshry.
  2. The podcast covers various topics, including pop culture, lifestyle, and celebrity news.

Signature Catchphrases:

  1. Claudia Oshry is known for her signature catchphrases, including “How dare you?” and “Fool me twice, shame on me.”
  2. Her unique and entertaining expressions have become synonymous with her online persona.

Advocacy and Controversies:

  1. She is an advocate for body positivity and often addresses societal beauty standards.
  2. Claudia Oshry uses her platform to spread messages of self-acceptance and empowerment.
  3. Claudia Oshry has faced controversies throughout her career, including backlash over past tweets and cultural appropriation accusations.
  4. Despite these controversies, she continues to navigate the social media landscape with resilience and determination.

Family Dynamics:

  1. She has a strong bond with her family and often features them in her content.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s family dynamic adds an extra layer of authenticity to her posts.

Fashion Forward:

  1. She has a love for fashion and frequently shares her unique style and outfit choices with her followers.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s fashion sense has inspired many of her fans to embrace their individuality.

Collaborative Spirit:

  1. She frequently collaborates with other social media influencers, creating entertaining and engaging content.
  2. Claudia Oshry understands the power of collaboration in reaching a wider audience.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

  1. Claudia Oshry has established herself as a multi-talented entrepreneur, branching out into various ventures.
  2. From podcasting to merchandise, she has successfully turned her online presence into a thriving business.

Devoted Fanbase:

  1. She has a strong and devoted fanbase known as the “Toasties.”
  2. The Toasties actively engage with her content, demonstrating their unwavering support.

Social Awareness:

  1. Claudia Oshry often uses her platform to raise awareness about important social issues and charity campaigns.
  2. Her influence extends beyond humor, making her a socially conscious personality.

Live Engagements:

  1. She has embarked on live tours and speaking engagements to connect with her fans in person.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s live events provide an opportunity for her followers to experience her comedic talent in a live setting.

Authorial Pursuits:

  1. Claudia Oshry has authored a book titled “The Career Code.”
  2. The book provides insights and advice on building a successful career in the digital age.

Media Appearances:

  1. She has appeared as a guest on various television shows, including “The View” and “Today Show.”
  2. Claudia Oshry’s likability and humor have made her a sought-after guest in the media industry.

Quick-Witted Interaction:

  1. She is known for her quick wit and clever comebacks, often engaging in humorous banter with her followers.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s ability to engage with her audience has played a significant role in her online success.

Animal Lover:

  1. She is an animal lover and frequently showcases her adorable pets on her social media accounts.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s pets add an extra dose of cuteness to her already entertaining content.

Advocacy for Inclusivity:

  1. She is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and uses her platform to advocate for inclusivity.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s commitment to equality resonates with her diverse audience.

Video Content Maven:

  1. She has a talent for creating engaging and humorous video content.
  2. Whether it’s lip-syncing to popular songs or using comedic filters, Claudia Oshry knows how to keep her audience entertained.

YouTube Presence:

  1. She has a thriving YouTube channel where she shares vlogs, challenges, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life.
  2. Claudia Oshry uses YouTube as a platform to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Recognition and Impact:

  1. She has been recognized as a leading influencer in the digital space, receiving prestigious awards and accolades.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s impact on the social media landscape has been widely acknowledged.

Mental Health Advocate:

  1. She often uses her platform to address mental health issues and encourage open conversations about self-care.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s transparency about her own struggles resonates with many of her followers.

Relatable Content Creator:

  1. She has an affinity for creating relatable content that strikes a chord with her audience.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s ability to connect with her followers on a personal level is a key factor in her online success.

TikTok Sensation:

  1. She has a strong presence on TikTok, where she creates entertaining and viral videos.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s adaptability to different social media platforms allows her to reach a wider audience.

Sibling Synergy:

  1. She often collaborates with her sister Jackie Oshry, also known as “The Morning Breath.”
  2. The Oshry sisters bring double the humor and entertainment when they team up for content creation.

Philanthropic Heart:

  1. Claudia Oshry frequently engages in philanthropy, using her platform to raise funds for various charitable causes.
  2. Her dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond the digital realm.

Storytelling Maven:

  1. She has a talent for storytelling, often sharing funny anecdotes and relatable experiences with her followers.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s storytelling abilities enhance the connection she has with her audience.

Authenticity and Unfiltered Approach:

  1. She is known for her authentic and unfiltered approach to social media, rarely shying away from being herself.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s authenticity resonates with her followers, creating a strong sense of connection and trust.

Caption Queen:

  1. She has a knack for creating engaging captions that accompany her posts.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s captions add an extra layer of humor and depth to her content.

Fashion Entrepreneur:

  1. She has ventured into fashion design, launching her own clothing line called “Girl With No Job Collection.”
  2. Claudia Oshry’s fashion line reflects her unique style and has garnered a loyal following.

Media Recognition:

  1. She has been featured in prominent publications such as Forbes and The New York Times.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s influence and success have caught the attention of mainstream media.

Travel Enthusiast:

  1. She often shares her travel adventures with her followers, showcasing her love for exploration and experiencing new cultures.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s travel content offers a glimpse into her life outside of social media.

Empowerment Advocate:

  1. She frequently uses her platform to promote and support female empowerment initiatives.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s commitment to lifting up women shines through in her content.

Engagement with Fans:

  1. She has a strong relationship with her fans, often interacting with them through comments, live streams, and Q&A sessions.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s engagement with her followers strengthens the sense of community surrounding her online presence.

Diverse Content Creator:

  1. She has expanded her online content beyond comedy, delving into lifestyle topics such as beauty, wellness, and relationships.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s versatility allows her to tap into various areas of interest for her audience.

Collaboration Maven:

  1. She often collaborates with reputable influencers and celebrities, leveraging their combined reach and influence.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s collaborations amplify her online presence and introduce her to new audiences.


  1. She has a talent for creating viral challenges and trends that quickly spread across social media platforms.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s ability to tap into the pulse of internet culture keeps her content relevant and shareable.

Active Social Media Presence:

  1. She is known for her quick response time when engaging with her followers, making them feel seen and appreciated.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s active presence on social media strengthens her connection with her fanbase.

Comedic Style:

  1. She has a vibrant and unique sense of humor that sets her apart from other social media personalities.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s comedic style is a key element in her online success.

Personal Connection:

  1. She often provides glimpses into her personal life, allowing her followers to feel like they are part of her inner circle.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s authenticity fosters a sense of trust and intimacy with her audience.

Work Ethic and Dedication:

  1. She has a strong work ethic and is known for her dedication to consistently creating quality content.
  2. Claudia Oshry’s commitment to her craft has contributed to her long-lasting appeal.

Evolving in the Digital Space:

  1. She continues to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing world of social media, remaining a relevant and influential figure.


Claudia Oshry 'Not Ashamed' of Taking Ozempic for Weight Loss

FAQ Details
When was Claudia Oshry born? July 10, 1994
Where is Claudia Oshry from? New York City, New York
What is Claudia Oshry’s Instagram account? @girlwithnojob
What is Claudia Oshry’s podcast? The Morning Toast, co-hosted with her sister Jackie Oshry
What is Claudia Oshry’s net worth? Estimated to be $2 million as of 2023
What is Claudia Oshry’s education? Graduated from Ramaz Upper School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University
Who is Claudia Oshry married to? Ben Soffer, married since September 17, 2017

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