Where Is Callan Rydz from? Is Callan Rydz Bald? Hair Problems and Surgery Details – What Happened?

Where Is Callan Rydz from? Is Callan Rydz Bald? Callan Rydz’s fans believe he had surgery after seeing his new hair, and he has a very supportive family.

Fans have dubbed Callan Rydz “The Riot,” and he has been listed as one of the wealthiest and youngest professional dart players of all time.

Where Is Callan Rydz from? Is Callan Rydz Bald?
Where Is Callan Rydz from? Is Callan Rydz Bald?

Callan advanced to the fourth round of the PDC 2022 World Darts Championship after defeating Nathan Aspinall. He was in the lead the entire time against Nathan Aspinall, a two-time semi-finalist who is rumored to be suffering from wrist problems.

In the next round, Rydz will face Alan Soutar.

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Callan Rydz is still yet to drop a single set at the World Championship this year

‘The Riot’ whitewashes tenth seed Nathan Aspinall to book his place in the fourth round!#WHDarts pic.twitter.com/IxV1A2dZKI

— PDC Darts (@OfficialPDC) December 29, 2021


Is Callan Rydz Bald? Hair Problems and Surgery Details -What Happened?

Callan Ryd is certainly not bald, flaunting his hair at the PDC 2022 World Darts Championship. However, fans suspect he is going bald.

His hair has been the subject of negative comments for quite some time.

“Callan Rydz combs his hair from the back of his head.”

“Callan Rydz looks like he hasn’t had a hair wash since the start of the pandemic.”

These are only two of the tweets that poke fun at his hair. To the extent of our knowledge, he has not had any surgery. He is probably having problems with his hair.

Stress or hereditary may be the reason behind massive amounts of hair fall. He may go for hair plants in the future if his hairline recedes even more.


I really like Callan Rydz, but he has to have the worst hair in the PDC?! That comb over is ridiculous looking! Just give yourself the “Scot Duncan” haircut! Or shave your head like me! Lol

— Rikky McDowell (@PapaBaldie) December 29, 2021


Where Is Callan Rydz from? Insights On Wife And Family

Callan Rydz was born 15 years after the birth of the internet in the year 1998 in the United Kingdom. However, he grew up in Bedlington, Northumberland.

He is currently single with no girlfriend to take on dates after victory wins and certainly no wife to cheer on him from the sidelines. He is a very private person who has not disclosed any information regarding his parents, siblings, relationship status, or family.

Even the Instagram account he has set up under @callanrydz is private. Only his accepted fanbase can peer into his life through the pictures he posts.


Happy with that today I know there’s more left in the tank now home Time to spend the Christmas with the family ❤️ https://t.co/T4wOKaQq0T

— callanrydz170 (@callanrydz170) December 23, 2021


How Much Is Callan Rydz Net Worth?

At 23, Callan Rydz has accumulated a net worth of around $1.5 million. Callan Rydz is a professional English darts player who has been playing since 2013.

In 2017, he qualified for the 2018 PDC World Youth Championship and made his way up to the semi-finals. Not soon after, he won his first PDC title on April 21 in 2019.

In 2019, he again qualified for the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship after receiving a two-year PDC Tour Card.

Almost two years after he won his first PDC title, he won his first Pro Tour title in 2021 on February 26.

He is currently fighting for a title in the 2022 PDC World Darts Championship.

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