Kelli Underwood Wife

Find out “Who Is Kelli Underwood Wife Georgia Spokes?” They have been together for a long time. They have a daughter together.

Underwood is an Australian sports broadcaster and journalist.

In 1975, she was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

In addition to working for ABC, Triple J, and Fox Sports, Underwood has an extensive career in sports broadcasting.

Among the sports she has covered are AFL, cricket, netball, and basketball.

She is also an accomplished journalist in addition to her broadcasting work.

Her work has been published in The Age, The Guardian, and The Australian, and she has won numerous awards.

Who Is Kelli Underwood Wife Georgia Spokes?

Since 2014, Kelli has been married to Georgia Spokes.

At ABC News, a leading news organization in Australia, Georgia Spokes is a senior editor.

Since joining the organization over a decade ago, she has held several key roles, including senior producer and executive producer.

Kelli Underwood Wife
Kelli Underwood with Fox Sports reporter Tara Rushton. (Source: dailytelegraph)

As a senior editor, Georgia manages and coordinates news coverage across multiple platforms, including television, radio, and online.

Kelli and Georgia are proud parents of a daughter born in 2018. They are a private couple but have occasionally spoken about their relationship and the challenges they face as a same-sex couple in the public eye.

Despite these challenges, Kelli and Georgia remain strong advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and role models for many.

Kelli Underwood & Georgia Spokes Married Life

Kelli Underwood and Georgia Spokes have been happily married since 2014.

They lead a private life, but from what they have shared publicly, it’s clear that they have a loving and supportive relationship.

As a same-sex couple, Kelli and Georgia have faced some challenges, including discrimination and stigma from some members of the public.

However, they have also received a lot of support and encouragement from their fans and colleagues in the sports and media industry.

Their daughter, born in 2018, has brought them closer together.

Kelli and Georgia are hands-on parents committed to raising children in a loving and supportive environment.

In addition to their personal life, Kelli and Georgia are both accomplished professionals in their respective fields.

They support each other’s careers and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Despite their busy schedules, they make time for each other and prioritize their relationship.

Meet Kelli Underwood & Georgia Spokes Kids 

Kelli Underwood and Georgia Spokes have one child, a daughter who was born in 2018.

The couple has been private about their daughter and has not publicly shared much information about her.

As working parents, Kelli and Georgia face the same challenges as many other parents in juggling their careers and family life.

However, they have been able to balance their work and parenting responsibilities and are both hands-on parents.

Kelli and Georgia have both spoken about the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for their daughter.

Kelli Underwood
Kelli Underwood.(Source:

They are committed to raising her in a gender-neutral and non-judgmental way.

As a same-sex couple, they are also aware of the unique challenges that their daughter may face and are prepared to support and guide her as she grows up.

Overall, Kelli and Georgia are devoted parents prioritizing their daughter’s well-being above all else.

They are a great example of a loving and supportive same-sex parenting couple.

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