Why Is Steve Doocy Leaving Fox and Friends? Illness And Health Update

Find out “Why Is Steve Doocy Leaving Fox and Friends?” A veteran broadcaster, political commentator, and author, Steve Doocy has cemented himself as a prominent figure in the American media landscape. His name is synonymous with Fox & Friends, the top-rated morning show in cable news, which he has co-hosted for over two decades.

From his early days in local television to his current role as a trusted voice for millions, Doocy’s career has been marked by his engaging personality, sharp wit, and unwavering commitment to delivering news and commentary with a conservative lens.

Why Is Steve Doocy Leaving Fox and Friends? Illness And Health Update
Why Is Steve Doocy Leaving Fox and Friends? Illness And Health Update

But Steve Doocy is more than just a television personality. He is a dedicated family man, a passionate cook, and a bestselling author. He shares his wisdom and humor not only through his broadcasts but also through his cookbooks and books on fatherhood and marriage.

Today, we delve into the world of Steve Doocy, exploring his journey, his accomplishments, and the controversies that have shaped his public image. Get ready to discover the man behind the microphone, the father, the author, and the iconic television host who continues to captivate audiences across America.

Who is Steve Doocy?

Steve Doocy is an American television host, political commentator, and author, widely recognized as one of the anchors of the popular Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends.” Born in Algona, Iowa, in 1956, Doocy initiated his broadcasting career with reporting roles at various TV stations before joining Fox News in 1996.

Since 1998, he has served as a co-host of “Fox & Friends,” a role that has significantly contributed to shaping political discourse in the United States, especially during the presidency of Donald Trump. Throughout his career, Steve Doocy has established himself as a prominent and influential figure in American television journalism, known for his engaging hosting style.

Here’s a breakdown of his impressive career:

Television Host:

  • Co-host of Fox & Friends since 1998, making it the #1 cable news morning show.
  • Hosted other shows like House Party with Steve Doocy and Cooking with Steve Doocy.
  • Gained recognition for his engaging personality, sharp wit, and conservative commentary.

Political Commentator:

  • Offers insightful analysis and opinions on current events and political figures.
  • Known for his strong conservative views and sometimes combative interviewing style.
  • Has been criticized for some of his statements and interview tactics.


  • Has published several books, including:
    • Tales From the Dad Side: Misadventures in Fatherhood
    • The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook (New York Times bestseller)
    • The Happy Cookbook (New York Times bestseller)
    • Happy in a Hurry Cookbook
  • Shares his humor, wisdom, and experiences on various topics like fatherhood, marriage, and cooking.

Beyond the Public Eye:

  • Dedicated family man, married to Kathy Gerrity since 1986 and has three children.
  • Passionate about cooking and has shared his recipes through his books and television shows.
  • Enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in outdoor activities.

Fox and Friends

Fox & Friends” is a popular American morning news and talk show that airs on Fox News. The show first premiered on February 1, 1998, and it currently has a weekday hosting team consisting of Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, and Lawrence Jones. On weekends, the show is hosted by Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and Pete Hegseth.

FOX and Friends - Fox News News Show

The show kicks off at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time Zone, bringing viewers the latest headlines from Fox News Live and covering the morning’s top news stories. It offers a diverse range of segments, including discussions on current events, interviews with various guests, updates from correspondents on ongoing news stories, insights into politics from the hosts, and entertaining segments to keep the audience engaged.

Why Is Steve Doocy Leaving Fox and Friends?

There have been rumors and speculation about Steve Doocy leaving Fox & Friends, but there has been no official confirmation from either Doocy or Fox News. As of today, December 3, 2023, he is still listed as a co-host on the official Fox News website and on his own social media accounts.

Possible reasons for the rumors:

  • Doocy’s age and tenure: He is 67 years old and has been co-hosting the show for over two decades. Some viewers may speculate that he is nearing retirement.
  • Doocy’s other projects: He is also a published author and has hosted other television shows. Some viewers may wonder if he is focusing more on his other projects.
  • Doocy’s controversial comments: He has made some controversial comments on air, which may have led to speculation about his future with Fox News.

Evidence suggesting that Doocy is staying:

Fox & Friends Hurriedly Shuts Down Interview as Trump Rants About ...

  1. No official announcement: Neither Fox News nor Doocy have made any statements about his departure.
  2. Recent appearances: He continues to appear regularly on Fox & Friends.
  3. Contract: Information about his contract is not publicly available, but he may be still under contract with Fox News.

Steve Doocy Illness And Health Update 2023

There is no evidence or report to indicate that Steve Doocy, the Fox News anchor, has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s important to note that while his wife, Kathy Doocy, is recognized as a cancer survivor, there is no documented information suggesting that Steve Doocy himself has battled cancer.

Steve Doocy’s health status, as far as available information goes, does not include any cancer-related diagnoses or treatments. His career in broadcasting and co-hosting “Fox & Friends” has continued without any public announcements or concerns regarding his health in this regard.

Steve Doocy Net Worth

Steve Doocy, the prominent American television host, political commentator, and author, boasts a substantial net worth of $11 million. His financial success has largely been attributed to his long-standing career with Fox News, where he has anchored the influential morning show “Fox & Friends” since 1998.

Over the years, his engaging and often polarizing discussions on the show, particularly during the presidency of Donald Trump, contributed to its status as a powerhouse in American morning television. Steve Doocy’s annual salary of $4 million further solidifies his financial standing in the world of broadcast journalism, making him one of the more financially successful figures in the industry.


Is Steve Doocy Retiring?

As of now, there is no indication that Steve Doocy is retiring from his role as an anchor on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.” Steve Doocy remains an active and integral part of the morning news and talk show, and there have been no official announcements or reports suggesting his retirement.

His ongoing presence on the program indicates his continued commitment to his broadcasting career, and viewers can expect to see him as a co-host on “Fox & Friends” as of the latest updates.

Is Steve Doocy Still on Fox?

Yes, Steve Doocy is still with Fox News. He remains a co-host of the morning show, “Fox & Friends,” and continues to be an active part of the network’s broadcasting team.

His tenure on the show, which began in 1998, has solidified his position as a prominent figure in American television journalism. Steve Doocy remains a key part of Fox News’ lineup, contributing to the network’s ongoing coverage and discussions.

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