Wendy Wein wanted her ex-husband dead, and she thought the “Rent-A-Hitman” website would help her out. It helped her into a jail cell. The site is fake and there are all kinds of red flags on the web page pointing it out.

The Michigan woman originally used a pseudonym as she placed her inquiry, but gave her real contact information when she made a “service request.” The website owner contacted Michigan State Police with the information.

An undercover detective contacted Wein, posing as a representative of the website, then met with her at a cafe. That’s where Wein told the detective she wanted her former husband killed. Wein handed over her ex’s home and work addresses, and his work schedule.

Wein said she’d pay $5,000 for the hit and at a second meeting made a $200 down payment. Wein pled guilt to solicitation of murder and using a computer to commit a crime.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Troy Slaten
Troy Slaten – Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Slaten Lawyers, APC; Twitter @TroySlaten
Dr. Shari Schwartz – Forensic Psychologist (specializing in Capital Mitigation and Victim Advocacy), Mitigation Expert, Trial Consultant; Author of “Criminal Behavior” and “Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology;” Twitter: TrialDoc
Joe Scott Morgan
JoScott Morgan – Professor of Forensics: Jacksonville State University; Author, “Blood Beneath My Feet;” Host: “Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan”
Jessica Dupnack – Reporter, FOX 2 News, WBJK (Detroit); Instagram: @JessicaDupnack; Twitter @JDupnackFOX2

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[Feature Photo: Wendy Wein/Police Handout]

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