Heather Grossman Still Alive

Heather Grossman was paralyzed after her ex-husband Ron Samuels hired a hitman to kill her, prompting her to advocate for domestic violence victims.

Heather Grossman lived a happy life in Florida with her family until her ex-husband Ron Samuels hired a hitman to murder her.

She was paralyzed, fighting for her life, and traumatized as a result of the attack. Heather’s story highlights the perils of domestic violence and the importance of speaking out against it.

Despite her trauma, Heather is determined to use her tragedy to help others. She has become an advocate for domestic violence victims, sharing her story to raise awareness about the issue and assisting others in similar situations in finding the help they require.

Heather’s bravery in sharing her story and advocating for victims of domestic violence inspires others who may be suffering in silence. 

Heather Grossman Paralyzed After Hitman Shot Her

Heather Grossman was shot by a hitman on June 14, 2016, while driving her car in Florida. The bullet hit her spine, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Is Heather Grossman Still Alive? Who Ordered A Hit On Her? Complete Info Here!
Within months of his diagnosis, Heather’s father passed away from cancer. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Heather was rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed multiple surgeries to save her life. The attack left Heather with permanent physical and emotional scars, and she has been on a long road to recovery.

Heather’s ex-husband Ron Samuels was charged with hiring the hitman, and he is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Ron and Heather had been involved in a bitter custody battle over their children, and Ron’s actions were an attempt to gain the upper hand in the dispute.

Meet Heather Grossman Ex-Husband Ron Samuels

Heather Grossman’s ex-husband Ron Samuels is a successful businessman from Florida who was involved in a bitter custody battle with Heather Grossman over their children. 

Ron and Heather were married for 15 years before their relationship turned sour, and they began to fight over custody of their children.

Is Heather Grossman Still Alive? Who Ordered A Hit On Her? Complete Info Here!
Heather Grossman with her then- husband, Ron. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

According to court records, Ron had a history of violence and had been previously charged with domestic violence against Heather. Despite this, he obtained a gun and hired a hitman to attack Heather while she was driving her car.

After the attack, Ron was charged with solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He was found guilty on both counts and is currently serving a life sentence.

The Trial and Conviction of Ron Samuels

Ron Samuels, the ex-husband of Heather Grossman, was charged and convicted for his role in hiring hitmen to kill her. 

In 2006, a jury found Samuels guilty of solicitation to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. During the trial, it was revealed that Samuels had offered $50,000 to an undercover Police officer posing as a hitman to kill Grossman.

Grossman expressed relief that justice had been served but said that she still struggled with the physical and emotional effects of the attack.

He was sentenced to 30 years for his role in the plot, with a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years. The judge in the case, Judge Stephen Rapp, called the crime “horrific” and stated that it was a miracle that Grossman had survived the attack.

Samuels appealed his conviction several times, claiming that his attorney had provided ineffective counsel and that the sentence was too harsh, but all of his appeals were denied. He remains in prison to this day, serving out his sentence.

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Is Heather Grossman still alive?

Yes. The mother-of-four who lives in Arizona survived the 1997 shooting, but her injuries left her paralyzed from the waist down.

What happened to Heather Grossman?

Heather Grossman was shot by a hitman hired by her first husband Ron four months after she married her new partner John. The attack left her paralyzed, fighting for her life, and traumatized.

What happened to Heather Grossman second husband?

John Grossman died of a heart attack in 2005.

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