Lesedi Molapisi

Lesedi Molapisi Case — In January, Lesedi Molapisi, a citizen of Botswana, was detained at a Bangladeshi airport. She was caught trying to smuggle heroin into the nation and given the death penalty. Lesedi Molapisi will be put to death for the crime on the scheduled execution date.

Lesedi Molapisi Case: Botswana Woman Sentenced To Death In Bangladesh For Smuggling Heroin

Bangladesh has very strict anti-drug laws that state death sentences for anyone involved with cultivating, producing, distributing, importing, or using drugs illegally. Consequently, Molapisi was given a death sentence in the trial.

Who was Lesedi Molapisi?

Lesedi Molapisi was a 30-year-old woman from Botswana. She went from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Bangladesh via Doha. However, she was carrying Heroin in her luggage and was caught at the Airport.

Molapisi on airport

Molapisi was arrested and kept in a Bangladesh prison as her trial continued. Following that, she was given a death sentence. She couldn’t return to her hometown in Botswana. Her case was highlighted by International media as an African getting punished in an Asian country.

What Happened to Lesedi Molapisi?

Lesedi Molapisi arrived at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh on a Qatar Airways flight from South Africa, via Doha on January 23, 2022. She was dressed in white and wearing a medical mask.

Molapisi didn’t have a lucky day as her arrival coincided with an alert at the airport that the place was being used to smuggle narcotics. Subsequently, Molapisi was intercepted in the Green Channel and her luggage was searched.

Upon search, 3.146kg of Heroin was found concealed inside. The Botswana woman was arrested on the spot for carrying prohibited substances illegally. She was then tried and sentenced to death by the Bangladesh court.

Is She Dead?

Lesedi Molapisi was scheduled to be executed on Friday, November 25, 2022, in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh court decided that she was to be given a death sentence for smuggling heroin into the country.

Going by this, Lesedia Molapisi is likely dead by the time you are reading this post. She was executed in Bangladesh as she was scheduled to receive a death sentence. However, an official confirmation from government officials is unavailable at this time.

Molapisi arrested

It’ll likely be available tomorrow along with the information about the method of execution used for Lesedi Molapisi. We’ll update this section later.

Why was She given Death Sentence?

Lesedi Molapisi was given a death sentence due to carrying Heroin illegally into Bangladesh. The country is one of the Asian nations with the most strict laws regarding drug offenses. The authorities have recently been very serious due to the nation’s ongoing battle with drug infiltration.

Legal expert Tshiamo stated that the Government can only intervene in circumstances where there is a deceased or the said person is a victim of some crime. Due to this, the Botswana government couldn’t plead for Lesedi Molapisi.

Some calls were made on social media by human rights organizations but the Bangladesh government’s stance didn’t change on Molapisi’s case. This is the first incident in the country where a Botswana national was executed for smuggling drugs.

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