Lumberton Walmart Shooting

On Black Friday, a spooky shooting occurred at the Lumberton, North Carolina, Walmart on Fayetteville Road. A person was shot and taken to a nearby hospital, according to the police. Continue reading to learn what transpired at the superstore during the celebrations.

Lumberton Walmart Shooting: 1 Person Shot On Black Friday In N.C

There was panic all around as shots were fired at Walmart while a large crowd was gathered to find Black Friday deals at the store. People were seen rushing out of the premises to save their lives in the shooting.

1 Person Shot inside Walmart at Fayetteville Road, Lumberton, N.C.

According to police, a person was shot inside Walmart on Fayetteville Road in Lumberton N.C. on Friday, November 25, 2022. The police have not identified the victim yet. They are currently on the lookout for the suspect who is free.

Walmart has responded to the shooting incident that took place in Lumberton today. “We’re working closely with local law enforcement, and they will need to field any questions you might have,” Walmart senior manager Ashley Nolan wrote in an email written to a news outlet.

The investigation is currently going on as the police have evacuated the building. More details will be available soon as our team is hunting for the information right now.

Who was the Person shot in Walmart Lumberton, N.C.?

The identity of the person shot in Walmart Lumberton, N.C. is unknown at this time. The police have not released the details yet. The condition of the victim is also not known currently. We only know that he/ she was rushed to the nearby medical facility.

We are trying to reach out to Roberson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins to gather more information about the incident. However, he hasn’t responded to our queries yet. Although he revealed that Law enforcement officers are responding to the shooting at the scene.

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Who is the Suspect in Walmart Lumberton, N.C. Shooting?

The suspect in the Walmart Lumberton, N.C. shooting today is unknown at the time of writing. The police haven’t figured out who is the suspect yet. It’s possible that he or she was someone known to the victim.

Update: A new report claims that at least one person was arrested following the lead of an active shooter in the area.

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The police are also trying to find the motive behind the shooting and if it was an “isolated attack.”

A crime scene has been established at the store and an investigation is going on. Lumberton police, Robeson County deputies, and North Carolina state troopers are responding to the scene right now.

This is a developing story. We will keep you posted with further updates. Make sure you keep visiting us.

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