The Los Angeles Times writes that Melvin had Anita (above) killed due to “money” and “fear.” He believed the divorce would destroy him, financially and otherwise. In May 1992, Michele Samit, a friend of Anita’s, decided to visit and interview Melvin in jail for a book (via Unsolved Mysteries). After a few visits, Samit was convinced of his guilt. She later claimed to uncover evidence that Melvin had sold off a coin collection shortly before the murder to pay the unidentified hitman.

According to Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Samit told police about the findings but not Melvin. However, on one of her visits, an unknown man came to see Melvin. Melvin asked Samit to leave, and as she walked back to her car, she realized the man looked a lot like the composite sketch of the shooter. Samit stayed and watched the visitor leave the jail on a motorcycle. She then went back in and told Melvin she knew he had used the coin collection to pay the hitman.

At this revelation, Samit says Melvin became infuriated. Though he was transferred to prison the next day, he began to send her threatening letters. Later, Samit said she was being stalked and her house vandalized. She believes the man who visited Melvin Green was both Anita’s killer and her own harasser. Melvin Green later died in prison and the hitman has never been found.

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