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Who Was Peggy Nadell? Diana Nadell is the wealthy activist Peggy Nadell’s daughter-in-law turned murderer. What happened to her? Let’s find out more about her down below!

Diana Nadell is Peggy Nadell’s daughter-in-law turned murderer.

New special sheds light on murder of New York millionaire Peggy Nadell |  Daily Mail Online

Peggy Nadell was a member of the Democratic Party. In January 2014, she was found stabbed to death inside her home.

Further, she is survived by her son James and daughter-in-law Diana Nadell, daughter Susanne and son-in-law Robert Scaccia; and grandchildren Leah and Harris Nadell.

Who Was Peggy Nadell?

Peggy Nadell, a noted Democratic party activist, was found stabbed to death by Susanne who decided to pay a visit to her mother’s Valley Cottage mansion on January 25, 2014. ‘I walked in and I found her, and the first thing I noticed was that she was bashed in the head.

Peggy Nadell did what most women did in the 1960s – she stayed at home to take care of her children, Suzanne and James. But when Suzanne turned 6, Peggy went back to school to earn her MBA. She went on to break the glass ceiling at Xerox Corporation, doing very well for herself. She retired but “never slowed down.” Nadell became a well-known community activist in Valley Cottage, a suburb of New York City, where she lived alone in a big house. After her husband passed away in 2003, her estate was worth $4 million.


Dateline: Where Is Diana Nadell Now? Peggy Nadell Murder

Diana Nadell is currently serving a prison sentence. In 2015, she was sentenced to 23 years behind bars for her crime.

She was charged in connection with the murder of her mother-in-law Peggy Nadell. She was stabbed to death at her own house in 2014. Her body was discovered by her daughter Susanne who paid a visit to her mother, the day incident occurred. She found her mother sprawled out dead and immediately called 911. She added that police had their focus on her at first.

They later began to focus on Diana after Darcy, a family friend mentioned that she had been calling him almost every morning to ask about the case and informed police that she is likely to flee the country. Detectives later learned that the daughter-in-law had flown up north from Florida on the weekend that Peggy was killed – but did not attend the wedding.

According to the investigations, the daughter-in-law and her accomplice called in Peggy’s mansion in the early hour stabbed her, and flew the scene. She eventually plead guilty to the murder and confirmed that she did it for money.


Diana Nadell Age: How Old Is She?

Diana Nadell’s age is probably between 55-60 years old.

Her exact age and birth date have not yet been disclosed to the public. The above number has been speculated based on the fact that she was 50 years old when she was arrested for the first-degree murder charge.

Diana Nadell Release Date

Diana Nadell is speculated to be released in the 2030s, considering her sentence.

In 2015, she was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years in jail. Likewise, her accomplice was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison.

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