Released in 1952, “Don’t Bother to Knock” is a black & white film that also stars Richard Widmark and Anne Bancroft (via TCM). According to Classic Movie Hub, the film centers on a pilot named Jed Towers (played by Widmark) who is dumped by his girlfriend. He subsequently begins to pursue Nell Forbes (Marilyn Monroe), a babysitter. However, everything is not what it seems with the dazzling blonde. Film Site describes her character as emotionally volatile. She acts strangely and unstable towards the child she is caring for. Eventually, the audience learns that Nell believes Jedd is her dead fiance.

It’s also revealed that she was previously in a mental hospital and had attempted suicide. Per Birth.Movies.Death., Monroe’s character slowly descends into madness. At first, she is timid and reserved, but her behavior changes with every turn. Directed by Roy Ward Baker, Rotten Tomatoes reports that “Don’t Bother to Knock” is Monroe’s highest rated film. Filming took only one month and Monroe’s first takes were primarily used. Later, a film review from Variety noted that it seemed a bizarre role for Monroe to play. Nevertheless, her performance was praised.

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