Rogers enjoyed a long and thriving career that lasted more than half a century. But near the end, he had some health issues that forced him to retire from the stage in 2018, per The New York Times.

At that point, the famed country singer was likely ready to retire because he had been on his final farewell tour, and was actually in his second and final year of the tour when health issues arose, says Britannica. He was forced to close it out early as a result.

The following year Rogers went to a hospital for care and it was during that time a lot of people speculated what might’ve led to his medical emergency (per “Today“). The frenzy caused Rogers’ team to put out a statement to dispel the misinformation and mention that he went to a Georgia hospital for dehydration. One particular message in the statement showed that the singer was very optimistic about his health, and was confident in his health recovery, “… he plans on sticking around through the years to come,” the statement read.

Sadly, just 10 months after his message of assurance to fans and media, Rogers died on March 20, 2020. He was survived by his wife, Wanda Miller, and his five children (via Wide Open Country).

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