Per Far Out Magazine, Damageplan was a passion project for both Darrell and Paul. Though their new band was nowhere near as successful as Pantera, they were glad to be out of the “toxic environment” they were formerly in with Anselmo. In February 2004, Damageplan released their debut album “New Found Power” and decided to hit the road. Loudwire writes Damageplan was two shows away from their tour’s end when the unthinkable happened. On December 8, the band was playing at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. That’s when Nathan Gale, a former Marine, charged through the stage while Damageplan was playing. 

Gale shot Darrell in the back of the head multiple times with a 9mm Beretta handgun, killing him instantly. According to Rolling Stone, Gale proceeded to shoot and kill three other people, including a fan, the band’s head of security, and a roadie. Minutes later, an officer arrived at the scene and shot 25-year-old Gale dead.

Though the true reason for his rampage is unknown, some believe he blamed Darrell for Pantera’s demise. Others believe Gale’s severe mental illness is to blame (via a different article from Loudwire). It’s reported that he believed Pantera “was stealing his thoughts.” One thing is clear; he was obsessed with both heavy metal and Pantera. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that the Alrosa Villa club was demolished in 2021 to make way for affordable housing.

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