“Let’s Dance” features on the 1983 album of the same name. According to AllMusic‘s Stephen Thomas Erlewine, the song is characteristic of the best of the record: it’s fast, catchy, appropriately danceable, and very accessible. In this way, it seems to have represented an effort on Bowie’s part to broaden the appeal of his work. Jagger certainly appreciates these elements of the song, telling Rolling Stone (via Cheat Sheet) that “It has such a great groove,” but its appeal for him is on a much more personal level.

Grooves and catchy hooks are one thing, but it’s the memories with Bowie that Jagger treasures. “We’d hang out a lot and go out to dance clubs,” he told Rolling Stone (via Cheat Sheet) of their New York adventures. The “New York downtown scene” became a big influence on them both, and it’s this that Jagger sees reflected in “Let’s Dance.” This is why, he said, it’s the Bowie song he likes the most, explaining, “it reminds me of those times.”

“Let’s Dance,” both the song and the album as a whole, marked a big stylistic change for Bowie (not in the wardrobe sense for once). For better or for worse, though, it was a huge success, and Jagger is only one of many, many people who would name the single as their favorite David Bowie song.

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