As per the recent reports are news is coming up where Mombian and web series Part 2 going to be telecast on the ott platform where it shows a very romantic story of two women who are very much and love but they are fighting for their love against the society as the society don’t accept their love because they both are women and Des particular web series is going to show everything the LGBTQ community faces and it is a very emotional series which will show the whole journey of this two girl with many twists. Mombian web series part 2 going to be very excited and talking about the releasing date so it is going to release on 9 February 2022, Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Mombian 2 Web Series EORTVMombian 2 Web Series EORTV

Mombian 2 Web Series EORTV

And it is filled with drama and romance and fights. One can watch this movie and you can watch it online on the eortv app if we talk about the actor and actress name so there are Ankita Sahu Riya deepsi Shobhit Attrey and many more. The director of this web series is Deepak Pandey. This particular series is going to be telecast in Hindi language only for now and the January of this web series is LGBT drama and romance however this is the only season that is going to be telecast and the episode runtime is almost 25 minutes,

Mombian 2 Web Series EORTV – Star Cast & Plot

If we talk about the number of episodes this web series contains is 4 and this is going to be telecasted on the OTT platform on the EOrtv app. The trailer of this web series has been out and it is very interesting it shows two women looking at each other very nicely and they are smiling while looking at each other. Talking about this app so it is a premier video that has been demanded by every user nowadays and it has a different philosophy than other apps because it may leave focus only on LGBTQ audiences and other communities.

Mombian 2 Web Series EORTV – Story Plot & Trailer

There are many web series on EOrtv which have been telecasted and the series is very exciting and interesting many users are a part of this and if you want to take a monthly subscription plan so the price starts from rupees 30 and it allows the user to watch a one screen view and either you can watch it on your mobile or Android TV there is also a subscription for a free trial. So if you want to take a subscription to this app you can pay the money and watch the interesting series.

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