Eugene Anthony Chaplin (1953) was the first child born after the family moved to Switzerland. After working with the Geneva Opera house as a stage manager, he became a recording engineer, working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including the Rolling Stones and Queen. He’s also done work in the circus industry, written a musical, and produced a documentary about his father.

Jane Cecil Chaplin (1957) is a film producer and screenwriter. She stays mostly out of the spotlight, and for the past two decades, has lived in Colombia. In 2006, she wrote the biography “17 Minutes with My Father” (via GoodReads). 

Annette Emily Chaplin (1959) has dedicated her life to the theater. With her husband, they opened their own theater and produce their own shows, but Annette has also toured on her own. According to Charlie Chaplin, she also raises Arabian thoroughbred horses.

Charlie Chaplin’s last child was Christopher James Chaplin (1962), born when he was 73 years old. He worked as an actor until 2005, when he started focusing on music writing and production for theater. He’s also composed orchestral pieces and collaborative sessions for BBC radio, as well as releasing his own albums (via Christopher J Chaplin). 

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