When the news broke that Tucker McCall was Devon’s biological father Devon was understandably upset, not only because he had never known the truth, but also because he had recently worked for Tucker as a record producer and had just been fired by him (via Soap Central). Despite those less-than-ideal circumstances Tucker seemed eager to get to know his son and Devon eventually gave him a chance at Neil’s urging, and they bonded over music. Later, Devon even accepted help from Tucker during the process of getting a cochlear implant.

Eventually, it was discovered that Tucker had been involved in shady business dealings involving Newman Enterprises after Victor Newman was presumed dead — which Tucker knew wasn’t true. Devon disowned his father, along with Tucker’s own mother Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), who cut him out of her will and announced that her substantial estate would now go to Devon. In 2013, Tucker announced he was moving to Hong Kong and hasn’t been seen in Genoa City since.

Tucker reappeared briefly in 2019 when Devon tracked him down in an ashram in Thailand, seeking answers about an allegation that Tucker had altered his mother’s will years earlier (via Soaps in Depth). Devon seemed to soften toward his father when he explained that he was on a “spiritual journey” and had given up all material possessions. Tucker told the truth about not being involved in tampering with the will and the two seemed to make peace. Who knows, maybe Harmony or Tucker will return to Genoa City someday? But for now, maybe Devon’s better off without their influences.

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