Putin rarely speaks of his family, and he has attempted to shield them from any attention. The Australian website, News, reports that the Russian leader has fought to keep his daughters’ lives private. Both girls have used false identities at times, and both used fake names when they attended college (via Insider).

According to News, people who attempt to report about Putin’s private life face not-so-pleasant consequences. An example of this occurred when the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent reported that Putin was divorcing his wife and planning to marry gymnast Alina Kavaeva. Russian agents raided the offices and questioned journalists working there. Shortly thereafter, the paper was reportedly shut down.

When Putin does speak about his children, he always does so with a warmhearted nature. At a 2015 press conference, he said he was proud of them, adding that they both speak three languages and were successful. In 2017, he said that they were involved with education and science and weren’t involved with politics. As for his grandchildren, Putin said that he did not want them to live like princes, adding that he wanted them to live normal lives. For that reason, he does not mention their names or ages, claiming it would damage their development.

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