A MUM has told how her home has repeatedly flooded with disgusting water that smells so bad it makes her kids cry.

Shocking video shows the conditions Sushuana Foster and her three young daughters are being forced to endure in their home in East London.

Gary Stone

Sushuana Foster’s Walthamstow home has been destroyed by flooding[/caption]

Videos show water rushing from her sink on to her floors
Gary Stone

She claims her housing association won’t help fix the problem[/caption]

Dirty water filled all of her kitchen drawers
Gary Stone

She has to make her childrens’ packed lunches in her bedroom[/caption]

Sickening clips show grey dirty water rushing out of her kitchen sink, onto her counters, into her drawers and onto her floor.

Sushuana says it means she has to wash her dishes in the bathroom and make her kids’ school lunches on her bed.

The early practitioner’s open plan kitchen sitting room in Walthamstow has flooded a number of times since August.

But Sushuana claims her housing association Newlon hasn’t been able to fix the problem – and things are now so bad that her kids can’t leave their bedrooms.

She told The Sun:  “The leaking started at the beginning of August. They kept sending plumbers but it was really clear to me that they weren’t fixing the route of the problem.

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“Fast forward to this weekend the same thing happened again. The kitchen completely flooded.

“It was like a river – running down all my cabinets, into my drawers, all over the floor. My house was ruined.

“The worst part is we don’t know where this water is coming from.”

Sushuana says even after the water is cleaned up, the stench that is left is unbearable.

She explained: “It’s my kids that I’m worried about because it’s just not fair.

“Once they come home from school they have to spend all of their time stuck in their bedroom because the smell is so bad it makes them cry.

“When they have to go to the bathroom they run out of their rooms holding their noses and run back again.

“Last night I had to go into my kids’ rooms and open the windows in their bedroom so that they’re not breathing in the smell all night.

“My kids had to sleep in the cold because of the problem and it has not been fixed.

“I’m having to use my bathroom to wash any dishes or anything like that.

“If I want to prepare any food it has to be in the bathroom and that’s just not hygienic.

“This morning I had to make my kids lunches in the bedroom. That shouldn’t be happening.”

The mum-of-three claims despite contacting her housing association a number of times, no one has checked in on the situation.

She said: “No one even contacted me to see if my family and I are alright. They don’t care what state our home is in. They don’t care if there’s been damages

“Newlon hasn’t even been round to see the damage of the property. They don’t know what I’m going through.

“I had a big rug in the front room and it’s all completely soaked and the floorboards are ruined.

“I cannot use our kitchen or front room at all.”

A spokesperson for Newlon told The Sun: “Newlon can confirm that on a number occasions we have attended to repair plumbing related issues at our resident’s flat. 

“Unfortunately we had not previously been able to remedy the underlying cause due to the complex design of the building. 

“The problems have now escalated and we have arranged temporary accommodation for the resident and her family until full investigations and repairs can be carried out and the cause of the problems rectified by our new complex repairs team. 

“We estimate that this is likely to require a few months of investigations and works. 

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“We are really sorry for the problems she and her family have experienced and will be working to make sure that we can provide an effective permanent solution as soon as possible. 

“We will maintain regular contact with her until this is satisfactorily resolved.”

Gary Stone

Sushuana says she is forced to clean her dishes in the bathroom[/caption]

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