A MUM has hit out after her pleas for rehousing have been ignored despite her home being covered in mould – which doctors say is hurting her baby daughter’s health.

Malika Quintyne, 29, says her family has been forced to live in the damp-ridden flat which has left her child’s slippers covered in mildew.

Malika Quintyne, 29, says her family have been forced to live in dire conditions since 2018


Malika Quintyne, 29, says her family have been forced to live in dire conditions since 2018Credit: BPM
Her two-year-old daughter's slippers were covered in mildew


Her two-year-old daughter’s slippers were covered in mildewCredit: Malika Quintyne

The frustrated mum and her partner Edward Anokye, 31, told how they have begged housing bosses to rehome them to no avail since 2018.

Their home on the Guinness Court Snowsfields Estate in South London has been plagued by damp, which their GP has warned is causing their two-year-old daughter respiratory issues.

But despite Malika also suffering from anxiety and panic attacks due to the terrible conditions, she says her cries for help have been ignored.

She has now told how a rehousing recommendation letter written by her health worker was disregarded by the Guinness Trust, MyLondon reports.

The housing association claims they have not received the report – after previously saying the damp was not “severe” and the mould covering the windows was “old” following the family’s complaints.

Malika says she had to show them her daughter’s slipper that is plastered in mildew as evidence after surveyors were sent out to assess the flat.

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Her health worker echoed the mum’s concerns in a damning letter to Guinness slamming their lack of support and urging them to rehouse the family.

She wrote: “In my professional opinion the ongoing housing issue is having an impact on the baby’s respiratory system because she consistently gets colds, coughs and respiratory infections.

“The family GP has expressed a concern and encouraged Malika to continue to seek assistance for this move.

“However mum reports that there still has not been any support from your department.

“Therefore as the family’s Health Visitor, who is committed to ensure a child’s health outcomes are met in line with ‘The Every Child Matters’ Governmental Policy.

“I strongly recommend a re-housing option to be offered without further delay.”

Malika said a botched repair on faulty windows only exacerbated the damp problems after a repairman screwed them shut.

It has left the family boiling in the summer and in a damp trap in the autumn and winter – forcing her to ask a family friend to undo the bungled work.

I do not think they have acknowledged me as a human being, living in that situation.

Malika Quintyne

“It’s probably one of the factors in my depression. I do not sleep, I have panic attacks, I always tell my parents I hate living here,” she said.

“They told me there’s not much moisture in here, but the living room wall was just wet up to my waist.”

Malika has criticised Guinnesses’ lack of help, saying she had “expected more from them”.

“I do not think they have acknowledged me as a human being, living in that situation,” she added.

“They have just tried to pacify the situation without giving me due diligence.”

The 29-year-old first notified the Trust about the damp in 2018 before lodging a formal complaint in February the following year.

Her health worker first sent a letter aiding the family’s cause in January 2020, seeing Guinness send out a surveyor who identified “trace amounts of mould”.

Despite being on the bidding list for three years, Malika says homes in London rarely crop up and she and her family don’t want to leave the capital.

The Guinness Partnership claimed they had not seen the health worker’s letter prior to MyLondon sharing it with them.


A spokesperson said: “We have the letter from Ms Quintyne’s Health Visitor, however the copy on our records is dated 31 January 2020.

“In response to this we visited Ms Quintyne and inspected her home in February 2020, although Ms Quintyne would not permit access to all rooms of the property for our inspection.

“Trace amounts of mould were identified, caused by condensation in the home. Ms Quintyne is on our transfer list but has not bid for any homes to date.

“At our visit on 21 December 2021, we again identified trace amounts of mould on window frames and in the bedroom where the bed abutted the wall, caused by condensation in the home.

“However in response to Ms Quintyne’s continuing concerns we are arranging to visit her to carry out a further inspection and currently await confirmation from Ms Quintyne of a convenient date (we have tried to contact her several times to agree a date).

“We have reviewed all contact from Ms Quintyne and prior to December 2021, we had had no contact from her or any representative of hers since November 2020 – no reports of mould or any other repairing issues have been made to us during this time.

“We were not provided with a copy of the (unaddressed) letter dated December 17, 2021 from her Health Visitor at any time prior to your sharing it with us today (January 7).

“However having had sight of it, we have immediately contacted Ms Quintyne today (January 7) to remind her how to bid for a home to transfer to.

“She confirmed she knew how to bid for a transfer.”

Guinness Court Snowsfields residents say the estate is riddled with issues


Guinness Court Snowsfields residents say the estate is riddled with issuesCredit: BPM
The flat has been riddled with damp and mould that have only been fixed with botched jobs


The flat has been riddled with damp and mould that have only been fixed with botched jobsCredit: BPM
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