Russian military is a ‘ruthless invading force’

Speaking to Sky News this morning, the UK’s Security Minister, Damian Hinds, said:

“How concerned am I? We are all desperately concerned.

“This is a ruthless invading force. When it comes to tactics and military strategy, I’m not going to second guess Vladimir Putin and what he might be thinking, what might be in his head.

“But we do know that this is a ruthless force, an extremely dangerous (force) obviously imminently right now for Ukraine, but actually dangerous for wider Europe and the world.

“The bravery, the tenacity of Ukraine, my God, we have all been taken aback and it is so important we do everything we can to support them in what they are doing and make sure – and this is where the sanctions, we’ve got the Economic Crime Bill, transparency and enforcement coming through on Monday in Parliament.

“It is why all these things are so important, why we absolutely need to make the regime hurt.”

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