PRINCE ANDREW once enjoyed a wild night out with Canadian model and singer Pascale Bourbeau – and as he partied with the glamorous brunette, his teenage daughter Beatrice was just metres away at the same event.

One pal at the time claimed the woman was mistaken for Prince William‘s future wife Kate Middleton, and partygoers thought Andrew appeared to be kissing his nephew’s girlfriend.

Prince Andrew partying with Canadian socialite Pascal Bourbeau


Prince Andrew partying with Canadian socialite Pascal BourbeauCredit: Coleman-Rayner
The Duke of York nose-to-nose with the glam Canadian model


The Duke of York nose-to-nose with the glam Canadian modelCredit: Coleman-Rayner

The wild party took place in France’s millionaire’s playground of Saint Tropez on July 28, 2007.

Accompanying the Duke at the bash was his daughter Princess Beatrice, weeks before her 19th birthday.

It came just three days after Andrew partied with US socialite Chris Von Aspen, with pictures showing the Duke of York dancing with the blonde.

Pascale, the daughter of late Canadian politician Andrew Bourbeau, was in Saint Tropez for the party hosted by Tony Murray, 85, an Anglo-French businessman who spent £500,000 entertaining 400 guests.

One picture from the night shows Pascale with her arms around Andrew’s neck, while he appeared to places a hand on her rear.

A casual Duke wears cream-coloured chinos and a blue open-necked shirt.

Another image shows a slightly sweaty-looking Andrew standing awkwardly next to the model with his hands by his side.

A third image shows the two almost nose-to-nose as they get close at the swanky gathering.

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Beatrice is also pictured with her father that same night.

Jeffery Dread, a New York artist who had introduced Andrew to their mutual friend Chris Von Aspen, was shocked to see the prince moving on so quickly.

There was some confusion at the time, with Pascale being wrongly identified as a Brazilian model going by the name of “Ingrid”.

However, it has since been proven that it is Pascale in the photos from that night.

Dread told the Daily Mail in 2007: “They were dancing together by the pool, away from the crowd. Then I saw them hugging, kissing, and cuddling.

“It was very heavy. They disappeared upstairs, then came down and left the party on a boat with a group of friends.”

They were dancing together by the pool, away from the crowd. Then I saw them hugging, kissing, and cuddling

Jeffery DreadFriend, Prince Andrew

Most shockingly, Dread claimed some onlookers mistook Andrew’s female companion for Kate Middleton, who at the time was his nephew Prince William’s girlfriend.

“Some people at first mistook [her] for Kate Middleton,” he said. “From a distance, they look alike. They thought Andrew was kissing William’s girlfriend.”

He went on: “I thought Andrew would be more shy in front of his daughter about having a great time with a young woman.”

Only days earlier, on July 25, the “Playboy Prince” was pictured cavorting with 27-year-old American socialite Chris Von Aspen.

Andrew brought along his daughter Beatrice, 18, to the wild party


Andrew brought along his daughter Beatrice, 18, to the wild partyCredit: Coleman-Rayner
The party was thrown by a Brit businessman in the French resort of Saint Tropez


The party was thrown by a Brit businessman in the French resort of Saint TropezCredit: Coleman-Rayner

Dread said he was “even more surprised” after Andrew had told him he was “smitten by Chris”.

But he added he believed Andrew had decided to “move on fast” from the US socialite after learning she was dating former French Foreign Legion officer Bruno Philipponnat, Prince Albert of Monaco’s right-hand man.

Today, Pascale lives with her husband, Canadian billionaire and former politician Pierre Karl Peladeau, and their two children.

She has also released three music albums and cites singers Sarah McLachlan and Lana Del Rey as inspirations.

Describing her love for music in an interview with Canadian-French publication TVA Nouvelles, she said: “I lived in London for a while and I was bored of not playing an instrument.

“One day we went to see a movie with Nicole Kidman playing the flute. When I left the cinema, I told myself that I was going to learn the transverse flute, because we didn’t have much room for a piano in our apartment. I then started to take a liking to music again.”

She struck up a friendship with Canadian rockstar Bryan Adams, who she said taught her her first chords on the guitar.

“I fell in love with the guitar,” she said. “I liked the sound and the vibrations, and it is a beautiful instrument to accompany oneself while singing.”

She has never spoken about the night she met Prince Andrew in public and shares wholesome pictures of her family life with her 5k Instagram followers.

Pascale and her husband enjoy a stunning $1.9 billion Canadian (£1.1 billion) net worth.

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