The most notable of W.’s siblings to enter politics was John Ellis “Jeb” Bush (pictured above), who served as governor of Florida a couple times, and attempted to follow his big brother’s footsteps all the way to the White House in 2016. His campaign, however, wasn’t able to withstand the one-two punch of the inheritance of his brother’s disastrous legacy and then presidential candidate Donald Trump’s personal attacks (CNN reported that Trump called Bush an “embarrassment to his family”).

The family tree published by The Journal noted that W. and Jeb’s little brother Neil helped their dad out on his 1980 presidential campaign, but didn’t delve any further into politics. Instead, he got caught up in a savings and loan scam that cost the government around $1 billion to clean up. (Starting to see a pattern here of what the Bush family likes to do with U.S. taxpayer dollars?)

Among the newest generation of Bushes is Jeb’s son George Prescott Bush, who, in addition to having the same names as everyone else in his family tree, is apparently trying to be an exact copy of their lives, as well. A distinguished athlete, former military officer, and investment banker, he was elected to the office of Texas Land Commissioner in 2015. If he makes it to the Oval Office someday, hopefully he doesn’t try to outshine his uncle’s hawkish legacy of accomplishing missions without fully considering the consequences of his actions.

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