In 1989, Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his depiction of a savant individual in the drama “Rain Man” — which also scooped best picture that year. According to The Guardian, the revered method actor “spent a year intensively researching … savant individuals,” which likely helped him to nab that Academy Award win. Realistically, however, there’s one scene that definitely gained Hoffman his Oscar kudos above all others: The one where he farts in a phone box. 

During an interview with Esquire, the actor revealed that the scene in question — wherein his character upsets that of Tom Cruise’s by unleashing an air tulip within the confined space — was a real, legitimate fart. Ever the professional, Hoffman stayed in character as he “snuck one out.” The actor explained, “Cruise looked at me and said: ‘Did you fart?’ And I said, ‘Yeah … Fart.'” Director Barry Levinson was apparently “in hysterics” over the improvisation, and it made the final cut of the film. 

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey, Cruise didn’t sound exactly thrilled that his co-star “wouldn’t let [him] open the door” of the phone booth, hot-boxing one of the hottest men of the ’80s in a stench cell by doing so (via Still, he fondly fessed up to trusting the actor and just going with it. Hoffman, meanwhile, remains imminently proud of himself and has even suggested it as his favorite moment of any film he’s ever done, saying (via Irish Examiner), “That includes Shakespeare … anything.”

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