Daniel Radcliffe revealed that his fondest childhood memories happened on the Harry Potter set — including his first brushes with romance. In preview clips published by the Daily Mail, Radcliffe and his co-stars reminisce about growing up behind the scenes at Hogwarts.

“Every part of my life is connected to Potter and to [Warner Bros Studios, Leavesden],” Radcliffe recalls in the clip. “My first kiss is connected to someone here, my first girlfriends were here… everything I can think of is that related right now.” Radcliffe said he will always be happy to speak about his formative years in the “Harry Potter” franchise. “I think people expect me not to want to talk about it,” he said. “But that’s like somebody never talking about their childhood or teenage years.”

Interestingly, Radcliffe told The Daily Post in 2007 his first-ever smooch didn’t take place on the “Harry Potter” set when discussing his character’s first onscreen kiss in “The Order Of The Phoenix,” the fifth movie in the series. “Certainly for me, my first kiss is a moment that has stayed very fresh in my mind so it wasn’t particularly difficult,” Radcliffe said at the time. “I was 14 when I had my own first kiss and, no, it wasn’t on the Harry Potter set.” He added, joking, “I don’t think that mixing business with pleasure is a good idea…is it?” Perhaps Radcliffe was playing coy years ago.

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