Jennifer Garner was quite busy in her kitchen in her latest “Pretend Cooking Show” video when things almost went south. The “Alias” actor was cooking Ina Garten’s beef bourguignon recipe, a Christmas tradition for Garner with a smell that makes her feel “happy, cozy, and relaxed.”

But when it came time to burn the half cup of Cognac, which is double the recipe, disaster almost struck. Garner lit the alcohol in the pot, but it all burst into flames with the fire almost reaching her ceiling. With her jaw on the ground, Garner jumped back in shock and said, “A thousand pardons!” She then warned, “Don’t double the Cognac.” She jokingly added, “Can you believe that just happened? That was wild!”

Fortunately for Garner, the “Barefoot Contessa” queen herself, Ina Garten, reassured the actor in the post’s comments. Garten wrote, “That’s my favorite!!! And I almost set the kitchen on fire every time! Happy New Year!!! Love you.” Garner is sure to be relieved to know that even the professionals come across trouble in the kitchen.

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