Jennifer Lawrence revealed that one of the hardest parts of working on “Don’t Look Up” is having to spend time with Jonah Hill on set. It’s because he was trying to make her laugh so much that she found it challenging to concentrate on anything.

“Jonah’s character is the President’s son, but also the Chief-of-Staff, which some might think is nepotism,” the actor said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “He is the worst. It was really, really hard filming with Jonah, and just not ruining take after take, laughing.” She also revealed that they spent a day for him to just make up all sorts of jokes about her. “We one time dedicated an entire day to him just improv-ing insults at me,” Lawrence added. But she didn’t find it degrading at all! She admitted that she had the time of her life. “He’s a comedic master.”

Meryl Streep, whom they all referred to as the G.O.A.T on set, seemed to share the same sentiment. At a “Don’t Look Up” Q&A event, she said that “working with Jonah Hill” was her biggest challenge. “I have a problem with corpsing — laughing,” the award-winning actor said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “When people try to make you laugh in a scene and I don’t have any control.”

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