Holly Davis made it clear to Nicki Swift that she thinks what happened to Olivia Wilde at CinemaCon was “completely avoidable.” She explains: “Lawyers keep their clients updated at every major step of their case, and must necessarily get information from their clients about the best place to serve their spouse. So it is likely that Jason’s attorneys have been in communication with him about serving Olivia.” Davis also noted, “It is highly unlikely that Jason Sudeikis had no idea that Olivia would be served so publicly.” 

That means, according to Davis, that either Sudeikis served Wilde with papers while she was on stage on purpose, or his “legal team dropped the ball totally and embarrassingly.” But another legal expert, Brent Kaspar, Managing Partner of Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, tells Nicki Swift that how a person gets served “depends on the law firm.”

“Law firms typically just hire a process serving company to initiate service and inform the company who is to be served and the process server takes care of the rest at any given time,” said Kaspar. “The law firm can specify when and where to serve someone, but sometimes they don’t.” Either way, even if Sudeikis didn’t do this on purpose, it still remains a messy situation.

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