While many may find the relationship between Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie odd, they both do seem to have a type when it comes to what they look for in romantic partners. Quaid specifically seems to like his ladies younger, outside of his first wife, PJ Soles, who was four years older. It appears to have started with his second wife, Meg Ryan, who was seven years his junior. He had a bigger age difference with his next wife, Kimberly Buffington, which was 17 years, and even more so with his last girlfriend, Santa Auzina, who was born 33 years after him.

As for Savoie, she’s apparently not only unfazed by her 39-year age gap with her husband, but according to People, she dated older men even before Quaid. Savoie was previously linked to “Entourage” actor Jeremy Piven, who is 28 years her senior, when she was just an undergraduate at Pepperdine University.

That also means that Quaid wasn’t Savoie’s first celebrity romance either. While Savoie herself doesn’t work in Hollywood, she seemingly has a thing for actors. Quaid revealed to People that the two were “introduced at a business event” but it’s unclear what that was since Savoie worked in the accounting field. She was, however, at the time plugging away at her PhD at the University of Texas in Austin where Quaid has a home. Savoie is also a certified real estate agent and yoga teacher, per Heavy, so she can definitely hold her own with or without a famous beau. 

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