Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver had a long divorce process because both did not see a rush to end their marriage officially, according to TMZ. Additionally, there was a detailed property settlement agreement to be attended to, because the two didn’t sign a prenup when they first married in 1986, making the splitting of assets more difficult. The property settlement agreement is confidential, but the outlet reports there was an estimated $400 million involved, and the money was split equally among Schwarzenegger and Shriver.

Although their divorce has been finalized in recent weeks, the pair have moved on to date other people years ago. Schwarzenegger has dated physical therapist Heather Miligan since 2013, per The Sun, whereas Shriver has been spotted on dates with various men throughout the years. Additionally, both exes have made an effort to remain civil and united in front of their children. “[Maria’s] always been respectful of Arnold because he’s her [children’s] dad,” a source told Page Six in 2019. “All her kids seem to be very close, they’re very tight. Family and faith is very important to all of them.”

Besides their divorce, Schwarzenegger and Shriver are also celebrating the fact they’re about to be grandparents again. Their daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, announced that she is expecting another child with Chris Pratt in 2022.

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