When anyone passes — let alone a high-caliber star — things can get messy when it comes to claiming the person’s estate and deciding who will get the money that is left. However, in terms of Heath Ledger’s almost $20 million estate, every single dime was left to his daughter Matilda Ledger, per TODAY

According to the outlet, Ledger signed a will — over two years before his daughter was born — leaving everything to his parents and sister. But his father Kim Ledger felt it was best for his granddaughter to keep it all. “Our family has gifted everything to Matilda,” he said. 

The now 16-year-old, who many say is her father’s twin, has managed to live a very, private life with her mother Michelle Williams, according to People. Though their lives were forever changed, Matilda will always know her dad Heath Ledger will forever be a legend. 

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