Mark Forward Weight Loss Update: Is He Sick?

Is Mark Forward sick? His Illness & Health Update – Rumors of the Canadian actor/illness comedians are circulating on the internet.

People have been spreading rumors about Mark Forward being sick since the latest Letterkenny trailer was released.

We get a glimpse of Mark in the trailer, where we can see his drastic weight loss.

Mark Forward aims to win All of the Awards in fantastic Crave stand-up  special | TV, eh?

Forward is a well-known Canadian-born actor and comedian who is best known for his comedic abilities. The comedian has been in the comedy business for over two decades. And the first to make a name for himself in the industry after winning the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-Up in 2005.

The Candian has been decorated multiple awards since then, and following the recognition, had performed at multiple events, including Halifax Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, and many more.

His success in stand-up landed him various television and movie roles, having appeared on Fargo, The Rocker, Breakfast With Scot, and others. Currently, he plays the character of Coach in the Canadian series Letterkenny.


Rumor: Is Mark Forward Sick?

The rumor about Mark Forward being sick is hard to confirm as there isn’t much evidence available at the moment.

We didn’t come across writing addressing the actor’s health. All the rumors began since the Letterkenny dropped its latest season 10 trailer on Youtube.

In the 2 minute trailer, we can notice a sudden weight loss of Mark, which suddenly became the topic of discussion among the netizens.

The discussion first started on Reddit, where people were first showed concerns about his health, fearing the weight loss might be due to illness.

One of the comments reads, “I just hope it is a healthy weight loss on purpose and not something more serious.”

Mark Forward Illness & Health Update Now

Mark Forward has not adress the rumor of him being sick, so we can’t confirm his illness and health as of now.

The rumors which began in late November have not been officially addressed by Mark himself.


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A post shared by Mark Forward (@markforwardd)


Similarly, his Instagram does not provide any clue associated with his health.

Whatever the reason is behind his drastic weight loss, we are certain that the Candian actor looks completely different than before.

What Happened To Mark Forward?

Mark Forward seems to have shed a significant amount of weight as evident from the latest trailer of Letterkenny.

However, we are not aware, what has happened to him as the Canadian actor has not clarified anything about his drastic weight loss.



Since the revelation, people have started talking about his weight loss and even started rumors of him being sick. Some seem concerned about the actor’s health, while others viewed Mark’s weight loss, a healthy lifestyle choice.


Mark Forward Before & After Weight Loss Photos

There is a drastic difference between Mark Forward before and after weight loss photos. Though Mark has not uploaded recent photos on his social media, including Instagram and Twitter, his weight loss is visible on the above trailer.

If we compared his video post on Instagram more than a year ago, he does look much more chubby.


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A post shared by Mark Forward (@markforwardd)

All of his post shows is of the time when he wights more. The Canadian has always been like that ever since he has been doing stand-up or acting.

Maybe with growing age, Mark has been getting health conscious and is taking diet and exercise seriously than before.


How Much LLB Did Mark Forward Shed? His Weight Now

The exact number of llb Mark Forward has shed is not known. The Canadian comedian has not talked publicly about his weight loss to date.

However, Mark must have noticed that the people have been talking about it for a while now.


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A post shared by Mark Forward (@markforwardd)

Looking at the trailer of Letterkenny and comparing it with his old photos, he must have lost easily 5 to 15 kgs or over 11 to 34 pounds.

It would have been easier to compare with his past weight, but unfortunately, the details are not available.

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