The Top 10 Worst Crimes

In the world, there is hardly a society that is crime-free. Robbery, murder, rape, child abuse, and kidnapping are just a few of the crimes that have become so common that governments and law enforcement organizations are banging their heads against the wall to find a way to curtail and eventually eliminate them from their jurisdiction.

Below is a list of the top 10 crimes a person can commit.

1. Genocide

Genocide is the mass-killing of a certain group of people (eg. ethnic group, religious group, etc.). Take the Holocaust for example, the mass killing of Jews perpetrated by the Nazi Party from 1941 to 1945. The Holocaust is an example of how evil genocide is. And it is by far one of the most stupid things humans have done.

2. Murder

Without a doubt, murder is a heinous crime that calls for the harshest punishment possible in order to serve as an example to others and, as a result, make them think twice or even three times before committing it. The most valuable thing in the world is life, and if it is taken away there is nothing that can be done to restore it.

3. Torture

The degree of pain that is inflicted upon a person during torture can vary. But I believe it is very bad because some people would prefer to be killed rather than tortured. In my opinion, it is worse than murder because you prolong the pain, and in most cases, they die a slow and painful death.

4. Terrorism

Terrorism has existed for as long as anyone can remember, despite the fact that it came to public attention just over a decade ago. Terrorism is defined as acts of spreading terror in society through violence, intimidation, and coercion. Terrorists use various justifications for their actions, which range from religious obligation to fighting for freedom.

5. Rape

Rape is an experience that no one will ever forget. The memories will always be there. Using force or coercion to have sex with someone without their consent is not only repugnant and animalistic, but it is also a crime against humanity. The frequency of this crime, as well as the percentage of cases reported, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some areas, the victim of rape is treated worse than the perpetrator.

6. Human Trafficking

There are different types of trafficking, such as sex trafficking, child trafficking, and women trafficking. For monetary gain, some people transport and sell human beings as commodities.. The people who commit it are worse than the most savage of animals.

7. Child Abuse

Child abuse includes molestation of children or having sexual relations with them. As people become more and more sexually frustrated each day, the crime is spreading like wildfire. Typically, those who commit this crime have a psychological disorder.

8. Robbery

Robbery is the act of taking someone else’s property while they are present using force or fear. Robbers frequently use a gun to prevent their victim from acting defensively.

9. Kidnapping

Kidnapping is a very common type of crime. It involves forcibly transporting a person to a location and then making demands, such as ransom, in exchange for the person’s release.

10. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very common crime, and one of the worst aspects of it is that many people accept it as normal. Hitting, abusing, and generally mistreating a member of one’s household is an abnormal behavior that is gradually being recognized as a serious crime, and laws are being put into effect to bring those who commit this crime to justice.

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