Kiki Osinbajo

Kiki Osinbajo is said to have been arrested in the United Kingdom after being discovered with a large sum of money in her car booth and bank account. She is the Vice President of Nigeria’s daughter.

Along with this controversy, many people are curious to know how she amassed millions of dollars in her bank account. A verifiable response is expected soon as she interacts with Nigerian officials in high positions.

When the news broke, the students demanded that they be prosecuted if the money came from an illegal source.

As per De Dey News Report, Kiki Osinbajo, who happens to be the daughter of the Nigerian Vice President, is said to be arrested a few hours before in the United Kingdom.

Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Kiki Osinbajo is said to be arrested for having huge amount of money
Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Kiki Osinbajo is said to be arrested for having a massive amount of money.

Similarly, she was found with massive amounts of money in her car booth, and when investigated further, she had 11.6 million dollars in her bank account in the United Kingdom.

When this news came out publically, general citizens were curious to find the answer to how she accumulated such an amount. The investing authority is on its way to finding the solution and has kept her in detention.

There has not been any statement reflecting her innocence or claims from her side, and her Father, Yemi, is also silent to date.

What Did Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Do?

Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Kiki Osinbajo has been part of the allegations for numerous years. She works as a professional model and an entrepreneur.

As a famous personality, her earnings may be accumulated in the bank account and car booth, but the speculations have been reflected that it is not her earnings.

Many people believe that Yemi Osinbajo deposited the money in his daughter’s account so that he would not be suspected of having colossal money.

Even last week, there was considerable noise circulating that the Nigerian Vice President was caught with 17.6 million dollars in the U.K. Likewise, he may publicly talk on his daughter’s behalf soon and support the unverified claims with evidence.

VP Osinbajo’s daugther, Kiki, says female CEOs earn more than their male counterparts
VP Osinbajo’s daughter, Kiki, says female CEOs earn more than their male counterparts.

Was Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Into Such Allegations Previously Too?

Yemi Osinbajo Daughter Kiki Osinbajo was also pushed in such allegations that she owns an Abuja property worth N800 million. She had vehemently denied the case and mentioned being a tenant in the property.

Kiki, who mentioned her landlord as Mr. Musa Adams, advised criticizers to confirm her declaration at Abuja Geographic Information System, AGIS. She had posted the clarification on her verified Instagram page too.

She publically tried to remove the confusion as many people were highly suppressing her. Similarly, the authorities will shortly punish her if her wrongdoing comes out, but the unverifiable claims are improper.

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