WITH Kim Tate ready to kick him and Laurel Thomas out of their home to sell it, Jai Sharma sees his life in shambles.

Ready to buy Kim out but unable to find the funds, he makes a desperate plea to his horrified sister Priya in Emmerdale.

Jai grasps at straws in Emmerdale


Jai grasps at straws in Emmerdale
Another one of his plans horrifies his sister Priya


Another one of his plans horrifies his sister Priya

Jai’s (portrayed by actor Chris Bisson) gets a reckoning in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap.

When they face homelessness due to Kim (Claire King) wanting to sell their home, Jai and his partner Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) are devastated.

While Laurel is distraught, Jai comes up with a way out of the mess by suggesting they buy the cottage from Kim.

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But as Emmerdale viewers know, Jai lacks the funds and turns to his sister Priya (Fiona Wade) to help raise them..

However the possible sale of Mulberry Cottage makes Jai’s underhand behaviour worse as he suggests Priya and their father Rishi (Bhasker Patel) sell their own home, Holdgate Farm, resulting them in being homeless as well.

Priya is angered and, soon, the siblings ferociously argue… which culminates in Rishi collapsing amid the chaos.

In a later scene, Jai joins Rishi and Priya in the hospital.

Although Rishi appears to be in good spirits despite his fall and is awaiting blood tests before his return home, Priya still has a bone to pick with her brother.

Jai is happy to see his father doing well and offers him a lift home.

Priya soon shuts him down by saying: “There’s no need.”

“You didn’t seem to worry about Dad’s feelings when you decided you could sell our house behind our back”, the wedding planner adds.

Jai defends himself by claiming he was panicking about Laurel losing her home and admitting he hadn’t thought everything through.

Priya further insists that Jai promises he will never mention anything about selling Holdgate again, to which he agrees.

Rishi acts as a mediator, attempting to nip any tension in the bud but Priya isn’t convinced: “depends on what his coming plan is going to be.”

Spoilers have already confirmed that there’s more trouble for Jai as his attempts to stop his world from crumbling down result in a wedge between him and Laurel.

Laurel is set to discover that Jai fraudulently filed for a large loan in her name, which could mean the end of their relationship.

How far will Jai go before his lies and scheming catch up with him?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

Rishi collapses during an argument between Jai and Priya


Rishi collapses during an argument between Jai and Priya
But there's more trouble on the horizon for Jai and Laurel


But there’s more trouble on the horizon for Jai and Laurel
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