FANS of Location, Location, Location were all left complaining after a “hard work” couple headed to the show to find a new home.

Viewers were left in shock when Sue and Samira revealed they had a modest budget of £250,000 for a two-bedroom home in Bristol.

Samira and Sue had a modest budget for what they wanted


Samira and Sue had a modest budget for what they wantedCredit: channel 4
Kirstie was left struggling to meet their demands


Kirstie was left struggling to meet their demandsCredit: channel 4

The couple revealed to hosts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer they were looking for their dream home with more outdoor space.

Looking to escape the bustling capital, the pair had set their sights on Bristol – but their budget remained modest for what they hoped for.

“We would like a garden,” Samira told Kirstie, 50, as Sue chimed in: “I like the rolling countryside hills and Samira likes the sea.”

However, despite looking for two bedrooms, the couple admitted they had a smaller budget of just £250,000.

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It meant that the couple struggled to find a home that catered to all our their requirements, close to the sea as well as the city centre.

“I do worry about the budget,” Kirstie admitted as the search kicked off. “I hate saying, ‘Oh, I haven’t got enough money’, because the sum is so huge – it’s a quarter of a million pounds.

“But you’re not moving from Stoke Newington to be in a rougher part of Bristol. I’d rather say, ‘OK, we’re going to compromise.”

Fans took to Twitter to fume about the couples’ expectations.

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“With just 250k to spend in Bristol and wanting 2 beds this is going to be a very interesting episode,” one wrote.

A second chimed in: “Location, Location, Location in Bristol with modest budgets. Good luck with that one!”

“Good luck finding anywhere in the areas they are looking at for the budget they have!” a third agreed.

While a fourth said: “Another case of wanting the house in the area you like and expecting to get it with half the budget.”

It comes after fans were left fuming about a “fussy” couple on the show – as the new series of the hit Channel 4 programme hit screens earlier this month.

Phil was tasked with finding a very specific house for married couple, Lauren and Noel who had a budget of about £600,000.

They were moving 200 miles north from Northumberland to Morpeth so they could enjoy the seaside and plenty of space the town has to offer.

But Lauren admitted she was very “fussy” and the couple listed their requirements for their new home.

It needed to have five bedrooms so they could use one as a play room for the two kids, somewhere to charge their electric car, two family rooms and a big enough garden to kick a football around in.

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Viewers watching at home could not believe the couple could not find a home given the budget and location.

“Is there not a 600k house available, that will “tick their boxes,” complained one fan on Twitter.

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