THE Masked Singer has been caught up in a fix row after Doughnuts made it through and Poodle was given the boot.

During the latest episode of the ITV competition, Poodle was revealed to be Keane frontman Tom Chaplin.

Viewers weren't impressed when Poodle was sent home


Viewers weren’t impressed when Poodle was sent home

But some viewers were not happy about Tom being sent home and Doughnuts making it through.

One insisted simply: “It’s a fix #MaskedSinger.”

Another said: “So Donut gets to ruin another song and we lose a good singer?”

Someone else wrote: “Wait they voted the poodle out over the donut?! Wtf?”

And a fourth asked: “Is that audience tone deaf? How the hell did Donuts get through?”

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Tom, 42, managed to make it through the whole show with not a single one of the judges guessing it was him.

But some fans insisted they still didn’t, with one laughing: “Still not a clue who poodle is.”

Another tweeted: “‘Who’s that behind the mask?’ ‘No idea.’ And that’s after he took the mask off.”

A third wrote: “Please tell me I’m not the only one who went ‘Who the f**k is that?’ when Poodle was unmasked!”

One reason viewers may not have been totally sure who he was is that he looks dramatically different to his heyday in the band.

Fans are convinced Doughnuts is Michael Owen. The 42-year-old former wonder-child sung football anthem Sweet Caroline after a series of killer clues.

They included a reference to Argentina, the country he famously scored against in 1998.

There was also a helicopter – which he just happens to have owned in the past – in the background of his clue package.

One fans laughed: “I remember when we used to cheer as Michael Owen scored a belter of a goal.

“Now I am witnessing him getting a bigger roar for belting out Sweet Caroline whilst dressed as a dancing donut.”

But not everyone knew who Tom was after he took off the mask


But not everyone knew who Tom was after he took off the mask
Some claimed it was a fix that Doughnuts made it through


Some claimed it was a fix that Doughnuts made it through
Masked Singer fans baffled as they don’t recognise the celebrity after Poodle is revealed
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