DEAR DEIDRE: My husband drank so much last night that he wet the bed. 

I woke up in the small hours to find the sheets soaked through. He was sound asleep and snoring, lying in his own mess.

He doesn’t drink every day, but when he goes out, he binges on alcohol


He doesn’t drink every day, but when he goes out, he binges on alcohol

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I was horrified and had to wake him up to strip the bed and wash the sheets. 

We’re both 43 and have been married for 10 years. He’s always been a social drinker, but this loss of bladder control is a new thing.

He doesn’t drink every day. But when he goes out, he binges on alcohol. 

Sometimes, he’s so out of it that I’ve caught him pissing in the kitchen sink and all over the hallway too.

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When he’s drunk he also gets nasty and calls me names, and he doesn’t remember anything the next day.

I can’t carry on like this.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your husband may not be an alcoholic but he is drinking to excess.

Too much alcohol suppresses the hormone in the brain that stops us urinating while we sleep.

He needs help before he wrecks his health and your relationship.

Please talk to him and ask him to address this. My support pack, Dealing With A Problem Drinker has more information and sources of support. 

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