DEAR DEIDRE: LAST Christmas my son came with his girlfriend to stay with us – and he has barely spoken to me since.

We were expecting family time, but they were only interested in doing their own thing. It was terrible.

They didn’t offer to help with anything - my husband and I felt like staff


They didn’t offer to help with anything – my husband and I felt like staff

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Apart from Christmas dinner they were hardly around, except to sleep.

They didn’t offer to help with anything. My husband and I felt like staff. It was bizarre.

I’m 53 and my husband is 55.

My son’s girlfriend told me not to give my son certain things to eat. Then she quizzed me about his former girlfriends. I didn’t have a single minute alone with him.

His girlfriend would suddenly appear whenever I tried to talk to him. She listened at the door and I’m sure that she told lies about me.

We were so close, but he has blocked me on all social media.

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My son is 29 and his girlfriend is 27.

I feel like I’ll have to either normalise some really bad behaviour or accept this loss.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You may not like your son’s girlfriend but in the end your opinion will not win out. It’s his life and happiness that matters.

She sounds insecure and controlling, perhaps seeing you as a threat. She may be jealous of the close relationship you have with your son.

Keep reaching out to him. Write a letter to him asking if you and he can meet.

He needs to know you’re there for him when he’s ready. He’ll appreciate your support.

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