Who Is Lyndon McLeod?

Denver Shooting Spree Suspect Identified – Who Is Lyndon McLeod? Lyndon McLeod is the prime suspect in the five-person gunshot murders that occurred in Denver and Lakewood. Is James McLeod still alive? The suspect’s age and Wikipedia page have been made public.

Lyndon McLeod, the main suspect in the shooting, was thought to have ties to the tattoo industry. Around 6 p.m., the tattoo shop owner began his rampage in Sol Tribe Tattoo And Piercing.

Denver Gunman Lyndon McLeod Spouted Violent Views Online for Years, Wrote  'the Weak Better Buckle Up' - News7h

Locals immediately informed cops that West Colfax Avenue and Kipling Street were the main targets of the gunfire. Similarly, the vehicle in the parking lot provided them with the information they needed to track down the criminal in the Belmar area.

Lyndon intended to kill the people he knew, so it was thought to be a homicide. On Monday, the violence started around 5-6 p.m. He was, on the other hand, accused of being a pedophile.



Who Is Lyndon McLeod? Denver Shooting Suspect Wikipedia And Age

Lyndon McLeod was known for being the founder of Falt Black Ink on top of being the publisher of three books that included the murder fantasies of the writer.

He was at the age of 47 years being born in the early 70s. The suspect had some mental illness history, being medicated under the observation of a psychiatrist.

Is Lyndon McLeod Dead Or Arrested?

Lyndon McLeod was declared dead on the spot with the bullet from the Lakewood Ploce Officer on Monday. Paul Pazen, the chief of the Denver police mentioned McLeod already being introduced to the team before the incident.

Although he was known during the investigation in 2020 and 2021, the writer escaped his way leaving police with no proof.

Lyndon McLeod Parents and Family

Lyndon McLeod was given the name of Roman by his family. The family detail of the killer is missing but the murdered victims were the parents of three children. Likewise, he approached them as a delivery boy initially.

The two police officers are believed to have been injured during the backfiring from the criminal side.

Lyndon McLeod Facebook Photos

Lyndon McLeod’s photos from the incident are all around Facebook after the news has spread over the country. He made use of radar weapons as identified by the photos captured.

The man is identified by his dense tattoos and well-built body. Similarly, he puts on a black-colored beard of medium size.

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