Due to indexing problems, both Google Search and Google Analytics have been inaccessible to users worldwide for several hours.

Google Search has a confirmed indexing issue up to this morning at 7 a.m. ET. None of the items I put this morning on this site are yet available in Google Search, not even when I use the exact title or a site command. Google has stopped indexing newly published content as of this morning. In a letter to the Search Engine Roundtable, Google later stated that it has “an ongoing issue with indexing in Google Search that’s hurting a big number of sites.”

Indexing on Google Search and Analytics

Indexing on Google Search and Analytics

This issue on July 15, 2022, seemed to last for nearly 10 hours before it began to improve at 4 pm ET.

As of this morning, neither Google News nor Google Search are displaying any fresh content.

4 pm ET New information is now starting to appear in the Google Search index.
Informational Update Regarding Google’s Indexing Issues as of July 15
Google Search hasn’t shown any new Wall Street Journal material in the last hour. The Verge, The New York Times, and other news websites that regularly post fresh content are not either.

The following screenshots indicate that no fresh content from these websites is being displayed using site directives to limit news to the last hour. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them. If you wish to test this, be aware that you should limit the Google results to just show recent content.

As an additional note, GA4 real-time analytics also seems to be broken, in contrast to Universal Analytics 3, which does seem to be operating well. So remember that while you review your analytics.

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