A former NFL cheerleader on a Tampa to Atlanta Delta flight last week took issue when a beverage cart blocked her way, eventually getting into a physical scrap that injured flight attendants and passengers.

CrimeOnline previously reported about the incident, but that was before TMZ obtained documents revealing that the incident began when Patricia Cornwall, reportedly now a luxury realtor, was returning from a trip to the restroom at the back of the plane and encountered the beverage cart. The flight attendant told Cornwall to find an empty seat and wait until the cart passed her by, because the flight was of short duration.

“What am I, Rosa Parks?” Cornwall allegedly retorted, prompting an 80-year-old man, identified in court documents as R.S.M., to tell her she “isn’t Black, this isn’t Alabama, and this isn’t a bus.”

The passenger, sitting by the aisle, told Cornwall to “Sit down, Karen,” sparking a shouting match that apparently included Cornwall hitting him in the head with a closed fist. Cornwall is also seen in video shot by a passenger getting into the man’s face and spitting on him as they yell at each other about not wearing facemasks (Cornwall’s is under her chin; the man is not wearing one because he was eating and drinking at the time).

Other passengers and flight attendants restrained Cornwall, or tried to, and Atlanta police met the plane when it landed. Passengers told responding officers about the altercation, and police called in the FBI after gathering physical evidence.

The federal agents arrested Cornwall, who was charged with assault and barred from commercial flights except to return home from Atlanta, TMZ said.

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[Featured image: Screenshot from ATLUncensored Twitter video]

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