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Kimey Taganone Wikipedia: Kimey Taganone is a reality TV star from Channel 4’s The Language of Love. This article will tell you more about her.

Kimey Taganone can be seen on the new dating show The Language Of Love. It will air on Channel 4 and will investigate whether love can blossom between single people who do not speak the same language.

Kimey Taganone Language of Love: Age Height Wiki, Job Instagram- Where Is  She From?

Six women and six men will live together on a farm in Andalusia, Spain, for the duration of the show. The show is hosted by British actress Davina McCall and Ricky Merino, a Spanish TV host, singer, and actor.



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Taganone’s current show, the Language of Love, premieres at 10 pm on January 4. So, after the series starts, we might see her even more on various sites.

Moreover, in the show, the couples will decide whether to call it quits, try to make things work long-distance, or migrate to their partner’s nation at the end of the show.

Who Is Kimey Taganone? Wikipedia Bio

Kimey Taganone is a medical student who is now a reality TV star as well. She can be seen on The Language of Love show. As of December 2021, the star is yet to be featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

However, we have managed to get some details about her. Taganone is a passionate, flirty, and driven person. She has great knowledge with a perfect appearance. The actress is a mixture of beauty and brain.

The Language of love participant, Kimey, says, “Love moves me, and I will go to any length to have someone I love at my side.” She has gone through her whole time on earth in Tenerife close by her folks.

How Old Is Kimey Taganone? Age & Birthday Details


Kimey Taganone’s age is currently 23 years old. But, she has not revealed her date of birth. So, we are unable to know her exact birthday. 

Taganone was born to her parents in Tenerife. She spent her entire life there with her family members. The actress seems to stand 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall.



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Furthermore, Kimey is very beautiful and focused on her career as a medical student and a reality TV star. She is trying to find someone worthy of her age in the Language of Love series.

Meet Language Of Love Cast Kimey Taganone On Instagram

Kimey Taganone is active on Instagram with the handler @kimibalaguer. The current participant of channel 4’s new series, the Language of Love, has a total of 77 posts on Instagram.

In addition, Taganone has 12.6K followers and is following 12.6K people. Her recent post was on December 28, 2021. The model seems to share more posts about herself and her work.

The reality TV star’s bio on Instagram says; “@channel4 The Language of Love”, “Spain,” “Medical student,” and her email address- [email protected].

She can also be seen on Facebook. But, she does not appear to be more active on that social site.


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