Odell Beckham Jr. and his girlfriend, Lauren Wood, are celebrating four months of parenthood. The celebrity parents took to Instagram this past weekend to commemorate their son Zydn’s latest milestone.

“[The] best part is gettin’ to see every single day the development, the smiles, the tears, and the fake tears,” Odell told his social media fans. “He’s starting to use his hands way more to pick things up,” the NFL player revealed. “Think we might have a lefty,” Beckham said in reference to his son’s development.

“The best part is him starrin’ [at] you in your eyes and grabbing your face tryna (sic) pull himself in for kisses,” Odell shared. “I’m loving every second, every minute, even his lil gremlin a*z in the a.m. trying to wake us up! I love you son. Daddy [is] workin’ every day to make you proud.”

Odell Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood welcomed their son in February. Zydn arrived days after Odell and his team, the Los Angeles Rams, won the Super Bowl.

“I, too, was reborn when I had him,” Lauren Wood said of her experience as a parent since giving birth. “He’s an avid roller now,” Lauren said of her son’s development. “We’re working on sitting up (almost there!) and crawling, but this lil guy wants to go straight to standing,” Wood said.

“My favorite times of the day are waking him up (Because who doesn’t love to get looked at like you just made their entire day?) and putting him to bed because I love to pamper my little king with bath and massage[s], which he loves,” Lauren shared with her social media supporters.

“Thank you Zydn for choosing ME to be your mama,” Wood wrote to her son. “Happy 4 months/17.5 weeks to ya, lil man,” the new mom said. “Loving this life with you and papa.”

Photo: Odell Beckham Jr./Instagram

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