Costa Mesa Thanksgiving Shooting

Tragically, on November 24, 2022, in the late evening in Costa Mesa, California, there was yet another shooting massacre. In the end, police and city officials announced that many locals had been injured and a few had died.

Costa Mesa Thanksgiving Shooting

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What Happened At Costa Mesa?

The official says, one more gun violence happened in Costa Mesa, California on Thursday evening leaving one person dead and two others wounded. Costa Mesa Police Department gave the update on this happening through their official Twitter account, they said officers responded to the 400 block of Bay Street at 6:50 p.m. to investigate a reported shooting.

(Costa Mesa Police Department) also mentioned, two of them were at the death’s door, they are in very bad condition.Police closed the street and request the locals to investigate the homicide. But the department said an arrest had not been made at this time, they are constantly searching for the culprit.

Reportedly the shooting occurred in an empty area with “no concern to the surrounding community” in the city. The area is less dense about 40 miles (64 kilometers) to the south of Los Angeles.The area will remain closed as authorities investigate the shooting. That process could take days or weeks. No further information will be released as of now, we are continuously working on this case and we will update you when more information is available, they said.

Netizens Reaction to the Shooting

A user with id @Faf_314 tweeted saying, “Mass Shooting in Costa Mesa California. Thanksgiving Night Massacre! 5 victims

Another user said, “The news of Thursday evening’s shooting at our Costa Mesa, California has hit us very hard”

This is a horrific and senseless act of violence and the country needed to take stronger action on guns. If you have any information about the man behind the shooting, call 911 or +1 714-754-5280. Our thoughts and prayers are for those impacted ones and their whole family members. May God let their soul rest in peace and helps them to find a better place.

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