Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer

Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer:  Find out what happened to him after his wife, Nancy Sonnenfeld, was accused of murder.

Kurt Sonnenfeld is a well-known author, photographer, videographer, and assassin.

Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer: Where Is Kurt Sonnenfeld Murder Suspect Now? 48 Hours
Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer: Where Is Kurt Sonnenfeld Murder Suspect Now? 48 Hours

He rose to prominence after claiming that the US government was hunting him down because he witnessed 9/11.

Kurt Sonnenfeld’s Strange Case, which lasted 48 hours, drew a lot of attention in 2015. The crime documentary focused on his life story.

A journalist wrote about his unique real-life story and the difficulties he encountered while in the United States. His situation was dramatized in the documentary.

Kurt’s whereabouts in 2021 have piqued the interest of those who have been following his whereabouts.



Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer: Where Is Kurt Sonnenfeld’s Murder Suspect Now?

Kurt Sonnenfeld is now residing in Argentina as an asylum seeker under the country’s protection. He was previously arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, but he remains free.

Nonetheless, Kurt was the primary suspect in the murder. However, his case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: Nancy Sonnenfeld Killer

Kurt Sonnenfeld has been accused of murdering his wife Nancy Sonnenfeld numerous times. And every time, the charges were dropped because there was no evidence.

The murder case was dismissed but, the prosecutor had the option of reopening it. Kurt began accusing the US, and the situation changed dramatically.



Disclosing Kurt Sonnenfeld Age 

Kurt Sonnenfeld has recently attained the age of 59.

He is presently residing in Argentina, where he has received political asylum from the country’s former president.

What he does now is a mystery, and it is not shared with the public.


Kurt Sonnenfeld Wife 2021

Kurt Sonnenfeld was married to his wife, Nancy, for eight years. The couple’s lives were impacted forever by the catastrophe of 2002.

At 1:40 a.m., a police officer got an emergency call. It was New Year’s Eve at the time, and while the city was celebrating, Kurt and his wife were confronted with a tragedy.

Nancy died when she was in her 30s. She died after a bullet struck her in the head as she was sitting on the couch.

Following that, Kurt was arrested for Nancy’s murder. But, due to a lack of evidence, he was eventually released.

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