What did Daniel Green do? 46-year-old Machel Jorden's father, James Jorden, was murdered by Daniel A Green.

What did Daniel Green do? 46-year-old Machel Jorden’s father, James Jorden, was murdered by Daniel A Green.

James Jorden was assassinated by Daniel A Green and his friend Larry Demey in 1993.

They had no idea his son would go on to become one of the most influential basketball players in NFL history.

The athlete expressed his feelings about the situation in the documentary The Last Dance.

His father was the one who pushed him in the right direction.

Indeed, the news brought him to his knees, and he vowed to bring his father’s killers to justice.


The Latest: Attorneys argue Daniel Green was wrongfully convicted of participating in the murder of Michael Jordan’s father in 1993, judge takes case under advisement.#NBA https://t.co/k29lwPCaTm

— AP Sports (@AP_Sports) December 5, 2018



Who Is Daniel A Green? Michael Jordan Father Killers

Daniel A Green and his co-defended Larry Demery got sentenced to life in prison for the murder of James Jorden.

The incident happened in July of 1993 when an innocent man was sleeping in his car. The vehicle was on a highway in Lumberton, North Carolina.

It was a matter of the wrong place at the wrong time as the accused admitted that they had no intention to murder anyone.


In July 1993, Michael Jordan’s father was shot and killed in rural North Carolina.

His body wouldn’t turn up for 11 days. His murder wasn’t confirmed for more than 3 weeks.

Now, 25 years later, the crime is back under the microscope.https://t.co/wPTGFdJO6e via @danwiederer pic.twitter.com/uuI5Pru7VQ

— Chicago Tribune Sports (@ChicagoSports) July 23, 2018


The duo was on their way to rob a motel when an expensive-looking car caught their eye.

As they were about to steal the car, Jordan awoke. Before he could even ask about what was going on, he got shot.

Not knowing that he was the father of Michael Jordan, they threw his cold body in a swamp in South Caroline.

Michael Jordan’s Father Murder Case Update And Parole

In October, Daniel A Green applied for parole but got denied. The managing officer, Thomas, refused to go into details about the hearing.


Daniel Green heads to court this week, saying he can prove he didn’t kill Michael Jordan’s father back in 1993.#NBA https://t.co/VsCfIjtjgq

— AP Sports (@AP_Sports) December 4, 2018


Green’s attorney Christine Mumma is adamant that her client was innocent but is not surprised by the unfair ruling of the court.

Indeed, she noted the verdict to be unfair and called its bureaucracy.

The refusal met with more anger after his co consider got granted parole through Mutual Aregeement Program last year.

Daniel A Green Age And Wikipedia

Daniel A Green was just 18 years old when he aided his friend in killing a man. Unfortunately for him, that man was the father of Basketball God Michal Jordan.

Although his partner admitted to the shooting, Green is adamant that he was not present when the shooting happened. Instead, he had helped his friend to dispose of the dead body.


Daniel Green is going before a judge to prove that he did not kill Michael Jordan’s father in 1993.https://t.co/5kGJWlQDiL

— WCHL & Chapelboro (@WCHLChapelboro) December 4, 2018


On the other hand, Demery gave a contradictory statement saying Green shot the bullet.

His attorney disclosed the fragile state of Law through the documentary. She revealed the crucial fact the case moved rather quickly after the true identity of the deceased got exposed.

She suspected that the men threw each other under the bus after getting threatened with the death penalty.

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