Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together? Complete Details Here!

Perfect Match, Netflix’s newest dating competition show, features some of the streaming service’s reality stars, and it turns out that some of them were once romantically involved.

Joey Sasso, the inaugural season champion of The Circle, and Kariselle Snow, better known as the panda from Sexy Beasts, are two of the singles who enter the villa on the first night.

The former bartender and pageant queen (whose first reality show was actually MTV’s Are You The One? Season 8, which featured an all-sexually-fluid cast) had a lot of history together before they were cast on Perfect Match, so they quickly become one of the most interesting couples as they attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Read on to learn everything we know about Kariselle and Joey’s history before Perfect Match season 1, their experience on the show, and whether or not they are still dating.

Are Joey and Kariselle from Perfect Match still together?

Even though they dated before – with Kariselle appearing on Joey’s Instagram back in 2021 – they entered the Perfect Match villa as singletons.

It was revealed in the first episode that Kariselle actually DM’d Joey in 2020 after seeing him on The Circle. She then travelled to LA to meet up, but according to Joey, he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship at the time.

After not speaking to each other for a few months, Joey later reconnected with Kariselle but they ultimately parted ways, with Kariselle saying that the “commitment thing” was too much for him.

Kariselle was then spotted on Joey’s Instagram in July of 2021 and you’ll also see a shot of the pair kissing in his 2021 yearly recap video. Now, given that Perfect Match started filming at the start of 2022, what has taken place since then?

Well, here’s what has happened on the show so far…

*Spoilers* In the very first episode of Perfect Match the pair talked over their history, with Kariselle initially appearing rather reluctant to give Joey another chance. But she also wondered if maybe them being reunited on the show could be fate. After Joey admitted that he still adores her, she agreed to be his match and the pair have been together since the very first episode – despite Kariselle receiving a kiss from Chase – with them continuing to pick each other at the end of each episode.

In the second batch of episodes, Joey asks Kariselle not only to be his match in the house but his girlfriend, which she happily agrees to be. And *then*, in the final two episodes of Perfect Match, Joey actually proposes to Kariselle, they’re engaged in the finale.

Yep, these two were/are officially fiancé and fiancée!

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together
Joey and Kariselle’s proposal in Perfect Match Netflix

We remain hopeful even if we haven’t seen much – or any – evidence that the pair are still together on social media. This may be because they’ve been advised to keep everything under wraps on their feeds until after the season finale has aired. But as of right now, we can see that Joey follows Kariselle on Instagram. It’s hard to tell if the following is mutual as Kariselle currently has her Instagram set to private.

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Are Kariselle and Joey engaged?

In the final two episodes of Perfect Match, Joey actually proposes to Kariselle, they’re engaged in the finale. Yep, these two were/are officially fiancé and fiancée!

Who got engaged on perfect match?

Kariselle and Joey. Joey went from asking Kariselle to be his night one match, to his girlfriend, and, finally, his fiancé when he got down on one knee to propose during their final date.

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