In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of “Welcome To Plathville” (via Twitter), Olivia Plath admits to husband Ethan Plath that she’s unsure whether him traveling between Tampa and his original hometown in Cairo, Georgia is necessarily the best idea for their relationship. Olivia confronts Ethan about going back and forth the whole time, after clarifying in a confessional that she fully supports his business. However, as the wedding photographer reasoned, “I told him, like, ‘We could build something in the backyard, we could put your cars in the backyard.’ He’s like, ‘No I’m not doing that for a place I’m renting.'”

Indeed, Ethan wouldn’t even let his wife help him find a spot locally, leading her to grow increasingly frustrated with the strain all that traveling was having on their marriage. Ethan argued that, in an ideal world, he’d be spending more time working on cars closer to home. But, as it stands, he only needs to spend a couple weeks at most up in Cairo to save a huge amount in the long run. It’s tough, but it has to be done.

Last year, Olivia got real about her rocky relationship with Ethan, admitting his family had made things very difficult for them, in an interview with People. Since Ethan’s parents are seemingly refusing to heal their rift, the couple needs to rely on each other even more than before. Hopefully, they can work things out.

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