“The Bold and the Beautiful” wanted to hear what fans on Twitter had to say about working at the famed fashion house. “RT if you’d want to work at Forrester Creations,” they wrote to their followers. It turns out that some people who love the show might not be fond of working at a real-life Forrester Creations, though.

One person pointed out the fact that not a lot of work seems to get done. “Does anybody really ‘work’ there? They spend more time plotting and scheming and eavesdropping than anything else,” they tweeted. They weren’t alone in the thought. “Who would want to work at Forrester Creations when all the main staff is too busy with their personal lives to work much if at all?” another user wrote. And one fan replied with a gif of Simon Cowell shaking his head and wrote, “That place is an HR nightmare.”

What some viewed as a drawback of working for the company, others apparently welcomed. One person saw the benefits of being an employee at Forrester Creations. “I’d LOVE to work at Forrester,” they tweeted. “Nobody actually ever works, they usually sit around in offices and gossip about other people. What a great job to get paid for.”

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